Traditional Chinese Machine embroidery design Herons

With wedding season almost upon us, a new installment to Oriental ornaments and motifs category – Traditional Chinese Machine Embroidery Design Herons, is more than timely. A beauty of a pattern, it also has a story to tell. As Chinese tradition has it, herons, especially when depicted in couples, symbolize love and fidelity between the spouses. Pines with their two-needle greenery symbolize longevity, conjugal integrity and enduring love. Inspired by traditional marital symbols of China, this beautiful design has a deeper spiritual meaning, which can be of great use in all sorts of wedding-related projects.

If you’re saving the date in your calendar to celebrate union of special people in your life, than looking for wedding gifts can be difficult. You want the gift to be as special as they are, so pressure is really on. Traditional Chinese Machine embroidery Design Herons can help you create and customize gifts for the bride and the groom. Its strikingly impressive, luxurious look will enrich anything it will be embroidered on. Chinese Herons will fly such common items as set of smart bed linens, a couple of silk robes or even decorative pillows straight to the top of any wedding registry. Unique, meaningful and highly upscale, personalized gifts with Traditional Chinese Herons décor will become cherished items for any stylish couple.

Traditional Chinese Machine embroidery design Herons


Size: 198.0×196.0 mm (7.80×7.72 “), Stitches: 58889
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Can’t make up your mind about what of the embroidery projects will suite your bride and groom’s style? Go with the number one universally wanted-by-any-couple gift – smart bed linens. Embroidered linens are luxury, comfort and style all wrapped up in a fine, ever-welcoming and utterly gorgeous fabric “cloud”. With its embellishment having of such deep and symbolic meaning, such cloud “could” actually come to the heaven. Now what couple wouldn’t want that?

So, that’s settled, you’re making the best wedding gift ever. Now let’s collect all the need for the endeavor things:

1 – Set of fine bed linens. When it comes to luxurious bed-room amenities, few things are more deluxe than satin sheets and pillowcases. Smooth and silky, this fabric is made to make couples enjoy their happily ever after.

TIP: When customizing ready-made linens with embroidery, especially such delicate as satin ones, always get your design tested on a similar set of fabric, threads and stabilizers. If you don’t have a spare piece of satin for the case, just buy a couple of similar pillowcases. Usually such extras, accompanying standard linen sets are available in any bedding shops.

TIP: Prewash items that you’ll be embroidering to remove any possible shrinkage.

2 – Threads. Rayon and polyester threads are great for embroidering on satin, as their softness suits the fabric perfectly. However, due to the fact that linens are frequently-washed items, polyester will keep their colors and sheen better. Since Traditional Chinese Machine Embroidery Design Herons is presented in gold and gold should never be dull such quality of polyester is definitely a plus. For this reason we favor polyester threads in this project more than rayon ones.

 3 – Needles. Sharp ones, sizes may range from 12 -14. Make sure you use new needles for the project. Used ones might not be as sharp. The holes that they will make in satin might be larger than you’d want to.

4 – Stabilizers. Machine Embroidery on such fine and delicate fabric as satin is easy if you know your stabilizers. Satin is a fabric with a tight weave so medium to light tear-away backing should do the job fine. However, satin is also quite “slippery”, which might cause some inconvenience in hooping. That is why it should be adhered to its stabilizer. For best results you can spray your tear-away backing with temporary adhesive. Otherwise, switch altogether to a self-adhesive tear-away stabilizer. Filmoplast Stic Gunold, Sulky Sticky+, Madeira E-Zee Stick-on or any similar type can do the job perfectly.

We’ll speak about the hooping a bit more here, as it involves some extra preparations for the main embroidery process. Reading this info now will get you prepared supplies-wise.

How to hoop satin:

~ position the outer hoop on a non-slippery surface, e. g . on a silicon mat (like the ones, used for baking or shelf covering),
~ adhere your pillowcase to the stabilizer,
~ put the “sandwich” on the outer hoop,
~ put the inner hoop on the fabric and press firmly. If you find that the fabric is shifting in some areas, consider adding a layer of interfacing. The easiest way to do so will be wrapping these areas of the inner hoop with a piece of fabric or an adhesive cloth tape (not double sided).

5 – Measuring tool of your choice and a textile marker.

Now that you’ve got everything that you need, let’s start making the best wedding gift ever.

How to make chic bed linen set using Traditional Chinese Machine Embroidery Design Herons

Before we start, let’s talk about nature of Traditional Chinese Design Herons. As we’ve already mentioned, the motif has a deeply symbolic meaning, which is connected to and is shown through duality of its “heroes”. Two herons, two-needled pine – all of these symbols are represented by two. To highlight the tone of the motif in the right and proper way, you should use accordingly. This means that the pattern should be embroidered in duos and preferably in symmetrical duos: two pillowcases, two decorative pillows, two shams.

Now that you know everything that you need to, let’s get down to business.

1 – Place the design.

When placing Traditional Chinese Design herons on standard pillowcases the two possible options will work best: center and on the right/left side of the center. As the design has the size of

2 – Find centers of the design.

Central placement. When a round design like Traditional Chinese Herons motif is positioned in the center of an item, it’s really easy to find its central point. All you’ll need to do is to fold the items four times and press it lightly. The creases will be your axis lines and their intersection – your central point.

Right/left side of the center. Here two things should be taken into account: the size of the pattern and how it will “drape” on a pillow.

Traditional Chinese Machine Embroidery Design Herons has the shape of a circle with radius of roughly 10 cm. With such a simple form, you won’t have to print out the template. Just cut out a circle from a piece of paper. Fold it four times, measure the radius of the design (10 cm) on each of the folds and cut out the shape. Position the cut-out “template” on the pillowcase to find the placement that you like. When you’ll find the placement, mark the center and axis points. Creases on the cut-out template will be your guides.

TIP: Don’t forget to leave space (5 cm. or more) between the design and the edge of the pillowcase. This gap will ensure that the embroidery will look good when the pillowcase will be put on a pillow.

3 – Hoop the pillowcase according to the marks that you’ve made. Don’t forget the helpful tips, mentioned before, on how to hoop satin.

4 – Embroider.

5 – After the embroidery is done, remove the excess stabilizer and cut the loose threads.

6 – Repeat with the second pillowcase.

Now you have a set of embroidered pillowcases to complete the wedding gift for your friends. Press them lightly and fold to showcase the embroidered pattern. It would be a good idea to make a personalized gift-back, embroidered with the same design. Such an extra-frill detail will make your present look even more exquisite and chic. You can make the gift bag from the pillowcase, from the ones that you bought for the test embroidery. Another great material for making posh-looking gift-bags is organza. Golden hues of the embroidery motives will make great match to the shimmer of the organza gift-bag. If you haven’t yet stitched on organza, you can find pretty helpful tips on this here. (link to Machine Embroidery Design Crown)

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