Machine embroidery design USA flag butterfly - 2 sizes

This design combines seemingly at first glance incompatible. Nevertheless, it turned out to be unusual, original and will give your wardrobe brightness, creativity and emphasize your excellent taste and sense of style.

This design is great for non-ordinary personalities who constantly like to create something new and surprise others. You can embroider it both on a white T-shirt and on a sweatshirt. Nevertheless, especially bright it will be on a denim jacket. This year, denim jackets are the main must-have of the season. Many designers present such jeans jackets of different length in their latest collections. In addition, they advise to decorate such item of wardrobe with pearls, embroidery, fur and beads.

As you can see, embroidery of this design on a jeans jacket looks original. However, to achieve this, we recommend not just to put the embroidery on the jacket, but also to create something like a sticker or chevron.

Machine embroidery design USA flag butterfly


Size: 98.0×71.6 mm (3.86×2.82 “), Stitches: 16408
Size: 124.6×91.0 mm (4.91×3.58 “), Stitches: 22212
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, xxx,

There are two ways to do this. The first is to embroider the Machine embroidery design USA flag butterfly on the felt, and then cut it close to the edge and paste it on the jacket. The second is to embroider such a chevron on a special numdah cloth and sew it to the jacket. Now we will tell in detail how to implement both methods.

We proceed to the consideration of the first method. In order to embroider this butterfly on felt it is necessary to know about the process of embroidery on this fabric. There is nothing complicated here. By the way, felt is considered the most popular fabric for embroidered patches, chevrons, and for embroidery of samples and applications. In addition, it is one of the most convenient materials for embroidery.

The features of embroidery on felt include:

~ Often, a tear-away stabilizer is used for embroidery on felt. However, it is more suitable for contour designs, such as Redwork. For dense designs, like Machine embroidery design USA flag butterfly, it is better to use a non-adhesive cut-away stabilizer and a glue of a temporary fixation (for example, Gunold KK100).
~ The needle is better to use #75, but sharp.
~ If the felt is thick, there may be a problem with the hooping. To do this, you can use a special device for quick hooping (Hoop Master) or hoop the lower stabilizer, but do not hoop the fabric itself. You can also buy a thinner felt.

These are the basic rules of embroidery on felt, now we turn to the process of embroidery.

First, you need to print the template from the information file and attach it to the fabric. Then use an air-erase pen to transfer to the fabric a mark of the center of the embroidery and the line of the axes direction. It will be easier for you to place the embroidery evenly. Then, using a glue of a temporary fixation, attach a cut-away stabilizer to the fabric. You should remember the four basic rules for using a glue of a temporary fixation for machine embroidery.

~ Rule one: ALWAYS shake the can before spraying.

~ Rule two: spray the glue ONLY ON THE STABILIZER, and by no means on the fabric.

~ Rule three: Spray away from the embroidery machine. Otherwise, the micro particles of the glue can settle on the machine details and make their work more difficult.

~ Rule four: you need to wait a little, literally 2-3 seconds after spraying and before you glue the fabric to the stabilizer.

If it is possible, hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer in the embroidery frame, if not, use the recommendations given above. Then place the embroidery frame in the machine so that the needle is in the marked embroidery center. Embroider this butterfly embroidery designs hoop 4×4. After removing, cut off the excess stabilizer. Now you need to cut excess fabric, close to the edge of the embroidery, but not too much. In order not to damage it. Ideally will retreat somewhere 0,2 Inches.

It remains only to paste the patch to the jacket. To do this, use a permanent glue-spray, not a temporary fixation glue. Spray it on the inside of the felt and glue it to the jacket.

Now we will tell you how to make a chevron on a numdah cloth.

It is not as popular as felt, but, it seems to me, is ideal for rough textured chevrons.

Therefore, the order of doing this chevron using butterfly embroidery designs hoop 4×4 is as follows:

~ First, you need to take the bottom thread of the right color.

~ From the numdah fabric, cut out the desired base for the chevron (circle, oval, square).

~ Use the stabilizer. For chevrons of such material, the glue cut-away stabilizer is the best suited.

*** To glue the fabric to such a stabilizer, you can use a hot iron, but not including the function of a pair. The fabric needs to be glued very well. That is, it is important to check that the glue has melted. Otherwise, when embroidered, it can crumble inside the machine and, during its operation, melt in the bobbin case, thereby damaging it.

Remember that the size of the stabilizer should be much larger than the size of the chevron and the size of the hoop.

~ Embroider this butterfly embroidery designs hoop

·~ Cut the remnants of the stabilizer and iron the chevron.

Embroidery for a stylish denim jacket with the using of Machine embroidery design USA flag butterfly is ready. It remains only to sew the chevron to the fabric. Successful embroidery!

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