White Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree – 4 sizes

On the eve of magic Christmas and New Year’s holidays special embroidery designs for machines become the most relevant patterns. We suggest to acquire one of them: White machine embroidery design Christmas tree. By means of this favourable offer it is possible to decorate the whole house with beautiful embroidery. Firstly, the design is presented […]

Machine Embroidery Design Princess Belle – 2 sizes

What is the purpose of a fairytale? To make us live our fantasies of course! Magical wonders, unbelievably beautiful princesses and handsome heroes – in fairytales we see things they way we want it! But would you like to live a fairytale in a real life? Would you like to create something magical that feels […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Cross – 2 sizes

Cross takes special place in hearts of every Christian. It’s a holy reminder of selflessness, love and forgiveness, taught to us by our Lord. Every sole, thing and place, touched by blessing of the holy cross, instantly transforms and elevates. It’s such a powerful symbol of faith, that, when given with love and care, makes […]

Machine embroidery design Eagle and roses – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design Eagle and roses is a bright design produces a lasting impression. Forceful, fearless bird looks simply stunning with lush roses! However, this full of contradictions pattern is not suitable for everyone. It’s designed for a girl with character, strong and independent, but at the same time, feminine and, of course, stylish. Machine […]

Christmas Decoration Machine Embroidery Designs

Christmas is the most glorious holiday period of the year. So many things to think of, get inspired by, create and of course decorate with! One of the greatest thing about Christmas decoration is that it embraces absolutely any fashion and vogue. Elegant, whimsical, traditional and cutting-edge – there’s no style that wouldn’t suit the […]

Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design

The Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design is the novelty of our collection. 10 542 stitches create this graceful picture of the eastern fruit. The gifts with an image of pomegranate wish wellbeing to the family, numerous children and grandchildren. Therefore, the present with computer embroidery machine design Garnet will become a worthy gift to a […]

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Merry Christmas Cookies

Season’s greetings worth a thousand words but all wrapped up into just two? In the hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Merry Christmas Cookies will add flavor of sweet tradition to your holiday season. Winter holidays are filled with cherished memories of childhood years. Gingerbread houses decoration galore, mouthwatering aromas of family feasts, sweet treats given from […]

Onion machine embroidery design

The Onion machine embroidery design will remain in memory of those who will see it for a long time. Where can you apply it? First of all, this pattern can become an emblem of a vegetarian restaurant, eco-hotel. In this case graceful designs for machine embroidery can decorate not only dining facilities. Besides table cloths […]

Tear away stabilizers for machine embroidery

You know that the using of stabilizers in machine embroidery is quite important question. All of us are looking for a good high quality stabilizer which helps to make our embroidery process more convenient and simple. So, what is the main purpose of stabilizers? And how can we use it? What is the tearaway stabilizer […]

Border Machine Embroidery Design Roses

The Border machine embroidery Design Roses is also applicable for decoration of the whole surface of a thing. It is possible to arrange it vertically and horizontally, and also to fill a certain space of a fabric. As a result you receive the unique pattern from a set of gentle roses. Despite abundance and brightness […]

Corner Machine Embroidery Design Bouquet of Peonies – 3 sizes

It is better to prepare for spring and its holidays in advance. The cold winter gives ample opportunities to spend several evenings at embroidery. As a result, you will meet the approach of spring with absolutely updated interior. Moreover, creation of the spring pictures allows to plunge into the world of flowers and to brighten […]

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese New Year of the Dog

We have prepared several designs for the coming New 2018. Those who love dogs expect this year with its interesting symbol and can select the designs with their favourite breed. We have developed a lot of different ready designs for embroidery machines with New Year’s symbols. They give the chance to use them for various […]

Herons Machine Embroidery Design

HERONS machine embroidery design looks unusual, but very interesting. It is as though enclosed in an invisible frame, thereby resembles a rare medallion. Calm colors and borrowed from the wild scene make this pattern a versatile decoration for textiles. Such a composition will particularly appeal to those who appreciate the refined elegance of the East. […]

Rose frame Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Rose Frame machine embroidery design allows to execute it in any color. As shown in a sample, you will need only 2 colors of thread. They can be shades of one basic colour, contrasting or even monochrome. Nevertheless, thanks to density of stitches, the drawing turns out saturated, convex, accurate. Such frame can be […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas ball with rubies

Sparkling, twinkling and shining are finally in the air, making our hearts burst with most wonderful festive mirth! It’s Christmastime again and it will make any wish come true, just like a real magic should! And just like real magical spirit, brilliance of Noel has most spectacular flair. And we talk not only about graceful […]

Yellow Dog Machine Embroidery Design

Yellow Dog Machine Embroidery Design that’s going to be very popular in coming 2018. According to the Chinese horoscope, the Yellow Earth Dog is the symbol of the next year. Such a pattern on clothes, accessories or home textiles will certainly bring you good luck. What is more, it looks great, truly presentable, and shall […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas fun Puppy – 3 sizes

Have you already prepared for meeting of this New year and its main symbol? If you haven’t got an original symbol of the year yet, then consider this interesting option. The machine embroidery designs Christmas Fun Puppy is a fine sample for gifts decoration. It is useful for adorning of kidswear and carnival costumes. Besides, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Red Poinsettia – 3 sizes

RED POINSETTIA from Royal Present Embroidery is absolutely irresistible! This truly winter flower looks like a magic star, which will shine on your textiles. Such patterns for embroidery machines are excellent to adorn tablecloths, napkins, towels or as a highlight of the interior. So, the biggest size of RED POINSETTIA machine embroidery design is going […]

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Design Gingerbread Bell Free

If there was not for snow, evergreens and Santa Clause, Christmas could be called Gingerbread holiday season! And for good reason too! Candy-adorned gingerbread houses with their sweet little tenants and their delicious little gardens has become such part and parcel of the festive season that without them we tend to get something like sugar […]

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Cookies

Fun to make and even more fun to decorate with, in-the-hoop gingerbread cookies can be used in so many ways! Sparkling lights, baubles and pinecones, hanging on your Christmas tree, will love cute little felt ornaments joining their cheerful company. Create as many embroidered cookies ornaments as you wish. Their dainty charm simply cannot be […]

Christmas Tree Toy Machine Embroidery Design – 8 sizes

The Christmas Tree Toy machine embroidery design is carried out in one or two colours. Thus, a unique decoration of a house or an office can be performed by means of the only design. You don’t need to buy a set of Christmas tree decorations. Here there is an opportunity to fill the room with […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Toy – 4 sizes

Decadent dream, all dressed in rubies and emeralds – Christmas this year should and can be a luxurious magical fairy tale. With Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Toy your home is bound to enchant everyone! Holiday season is everybody’s favorite. Some like it for its cozy, traditional charm. Others, however, get rightfully excited by its sensational […]

Poinsettia Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The bright Poinsettia machine embroidery design will find its place on any fabric. Silk and wool, cotton and synthetics will perfectly suit to settle this amazing flower. It can also become an element of a big panel for those who create the embroidered pictures. The Poinsettia machine embroidery design can be located horizontally and vertically. […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas sock with Dog

Gingerbread cookies, warmth of cheerful fire in the mantel and assortments of Christmas stockings, waiting above it to be filled… Ah, Christmas holidays have most special way to make even the smallest of things feel so much more magical! A simple candy cane or a card, poking out of a brightly-colored stocking lights your eyes […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Chrysanthemums and butterfly

They say that butterflies are flying flowers. Looking at the set of machine embroidery designs CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND BUTTERFLY, it’s not hard to believe in this. Like a delicate floret, this amazing creature is hovering over fluffy white chrysanthemums. It seems, it’s about to sit on one of them. Such a composition will refresh the interior […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lovely Pink Roses

Colors mean much when transforming a house into a home. A few drops of the skies, several precious pink petals and a bit of emerald green… These juicy hues will take your day to a brighter, fresher and more positive side any time of the year. Where can you find them? In Machine Embroidery Design […]

Lovely New Year Puppy Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Bubbles of champagne, colorful lights, fireworks and lots and lots of fur, sprinkled everywhere in your home… That what the year of 2018 is having in store for every one of us, for it’ll be “shepherded”, according to the Chinese Horoscope, by none other than Dog! Yes, our four-legged little friends will be guests of […]

Chinese New Year of the Dog Machine Embroidery Design

For those who follow horoscopes we offer a cheerful Chinese Year of the Dog machine embroidery design. There are comic notes in it, therefore it will suit people with a sense of humour and optimism. The embroidered goods will please persons with good mood and you will get thanks and assessment from them. Such embroidery […]

Machine Embroidery Design Snake – 6 sizes

Have you ever wondered what it was like to walk through the Garden of Eden? A place of such an enticing ambience should have had plenty of wanders! The lure of the forbidden fruit, the glorious feeling of giving in to the seductive sensuality of the sweetest sin… An accomplished master of fashion temptation, Alessandro […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly

Our website has a remarkable Japanese Collection, which presents exquisite machine embroidery designs. They are inspired by the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and are of extraordinary beauty and taste. A set of Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly is from this collection too. These patterns are extremely elegant and very […]

Machine Embroidery Design Little Pony – 5 sizes

Violet is one of the most favourite colours of children. Therefore, the machine embroidery design Little Pony will please kids doubly. First, seeing one of characters of the famous animated film always causes positive emotions. Secondly, pleasant violet colour with a scale of its shades will bring esthetic pleasure to its admirers. Kids will delightfully […]