White Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree – 4 sizes

On the eve of magic Christmas and New Year’s holidays special embroidery designs for machines become the most relevant patterns. We suggest to acquire one of them: White machine embroidery design Christmas tree. By means of this favourable offer it is possible to decorate the whole house with beautiful embroidery. Firstly, the design is presented in 4 sizes. So, this graceful, stylish pattern with beautiful curls can be located on many things of your house interior. Imagine how delightful will the panel of white fir-trees of different sizes will look!

Machine Embroidery Design Princess Belle – 2 sizes

Some of us just can’t get enough magic in their lives, and that’s a wonderful thing! For such dreamers, who could easily live in their own enchanted fairytale, we have some extra “magical” inspiration. To up the spellbinding feel of Princess Belle machine embroidery design, combine its prettiness with designs of magical roses, available on our catalogues. Find a perfect match to keep the magic flowing in your own decorative fairytale!

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Cross – 2 sizes

Cross takes special place in hearts of every Christian. It’s a holy reminder of selflessness, love and forgiveness, taught to us by our Lord. Every sole, thing and place, touched by blessing of the holy cross, instantly transforms and elevates. It’s such a powerful symbol of faith, that, when given with love and care, makes marvelous gifts for baptisms and christenings. Royal Present Embroidery created a wide collection dedicated to the venerable symbol of Christianity.

Machine embroidery design Eagle and roses – 2 sizes

Glam rock originated in the 70-ies, in the wake of the great popularity of rock music. Now, after almost 50 years, it still hasn’t gone out of fashion. Typical female elements of the style are: a jacket made of thick leather, pumps, flashy accessories and makeup. All this can go together with a playful skirt made of tulle, chiffon dress or a semi-transparent blouse. As for the details and ornaments, they are often spikes, rivets, stripes or themed embroidery.

Christmas Decoration Machine Embroidery Designs

Christmas is the most glorious holiday period of the year. So many things to think of, get inspired by, create and of course decorate with! One of the greatest thing about Christmas decoration is that it embraces absolutely any fashion and vogue. Elegant, whimsical, traditional and cutting-edge – there’s no style that wouldn’t suit the magic of Christmas. But, despite the diversity of trends, types and kinds of decorative styles, one thing remains an old-time favorite staple. We talk about the evergreen, of course.

Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design

The Ornate Garnet machine embroidery design is the novelty of our collection. 10 542 stitches create this graceful picture of the eastern fruit. The gifts with an image of pomegranate wish wellbeing to the family, numerous children and grandchildren. Therefore, the present with computer embroidery machine design Garnet will become a worthy gift to a […]

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Merry Christmas Cookies

Winter holidays are filled with cherished memories of childhood years. Gingerbread houses decoration galore, mouthwatering aromas of family feasts, sweet treats given from our ever-willing-to spoil-us granny and the like. Don’t let such wonderful times dull in your memory only; make it part of these holidays too. Share your sweetest memories with your dear and near! Bake cookies, embroider cookies, decorate them and using them too. ITH Machine Embroidery Designs Merry Christmas Cookies will help you display seasonal tidings in the most delicious way possible!

Onion machine embroidery design

The Onion machine embroidery design will remain in memory of those who will see it for a long time. Where can you apply it? First of all, this pattern can become an emblem of a vegetarian restaurant, eco-hotel. In this case graceful designs for machine embroidery can decorate not only dining facilities. Besides table cloths […]

Black Friday Sale! 20% off ALL embroidery designs!

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, For 4 days only, we are holding a Black Friday Sale at Royal Present Embroidery Designs. With 20% off all the designs in our catalog. This is the time to buy all the designs you wanted from our store! However, it won’t last long! The sale ends at 11PM on Monday, November […]

Border Machine Embroidery Design Roses

The Border machine embroidery Design Roses is also applicable for decoration of the whole surface of a thing. It is possible to arrange it vertically and horizontally, and also to fill a certain space of a fabric. As a result you receive the unique pattern from a set of gentle roses. Despite abundance and brightness of the drawing, in design there are only two colours of thread.

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese New Year of the Dog

The machine embroidery design Chinese New Year of the Dog will be appropriate on things of daily use: clothes, house textiles. Having embroidered the sign of the current year on bags, backpacks, covers, sportswear, you will attract good luck for this year. If you plan an important event, the decoration of textiles for celebration will become not only attractive, but also memorable. Table cloths and napkins, gifts, packings, the embroidered pictures — everything will keep the print of this event.

Herons Machine Embroidery Design

HERONS machine embroidery design looks unusual, but very interesting. It is as though enclosed in an invisible frame, thereby resembles a rare medallion. Calm colors and borrowed from the wild scene make this pattern a versatile decoration for textiles. Such a composition will particularly appeal to those who appreciate the refined elegance of the East.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas ball with rubies

Do you think that gorgeous radiance of our gemstone inspired designs will lose its sparkle should you choose to create it using only one color? Not in the least! Monochromatic variant will stun with its outstanding glamorous sparkle in the same wonderful way as its multicolored counterparts. Try it on a saturated with color background to marvel at an absolutely fantastic Christmas decorative accent! Silver on black, white on blue – you chose the colors of your fairytale!

Yellow Dog Machine Embroidery Design

YELLOW DOG machine embroidery design is available in 5 sizes, so you may place it wherever you want. But choose the background thoughtfully, as the yellow color requires special attention. It’s going to look fantastic on a black or dark blue base, as well as on white. If contrast isn’t what you’re searching for, try beige, light blue or pale yellow.

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas fun Puppy – 3 sizes

Have you already prepared for meeting of this New year and its main symbol? If you haven’t got an original symbol of the year yet, then consider this interesting option. The machine embroidery design Christmas Fun Puppy is a fine sample for gifts decoration. It is useful for adorning of kidswear and carnival costumes. Besides, the Christmas Fun Puppy can take place on some household textile things.

Machine Embroidery Design Red Poinsettia – 3 sizes

Pay attention to Machine Embroidery Design Red Poinsettia – it is simply perfect for Christmas embellishments! With this decoration you won’t have to worry if you’ve prepared properly for Christmas and New Year. The extraordinary beauty of the pattern, its rich colors and skillful implementation will not leave anyone unmoved.

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Design Gingerbread Bell Free

Enjoy the dainty musical charm of gingerbread bell and brows the rest of in the hoop gingerbread cookies embroidery collection. With our decorative holiday ITH cookie patterns no Christmas treat will go to waste any more! Once you sew you gorgeous gingerbread figurines, you’ll be able to enjoy their ever-so-sweet magic for many years to come! And, giving that they can be used in various decorative projects, you’ll never get bored with them too! Plus your waist will never suffer the after-holiday surplus in inches – guiltless joy has never been so enticing ever before!

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Cookies

In The Hoop Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas Cookies can be handy in other ways too. Elevate the merry making at your Christmas party providing your guests with gingerbread cookies favors. Use delicious in-the-hoop designs to create beautiful knickknacks for the favor bags. Boost the taste of Christmastime, filling these charming bags with those famous cookies of yours. The idea is perfect for Christmas cookies swap parties too! Little gingerbread charms can become your signature mark, making you gingerbread cookie queen!

Poinsettia Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The Poinsettia machine embroidery design can be located horizontally and vertically. In combination with other flowers and borders on our website, a real embroidered garden will turn out on house textiles. Alternating big and small sizes, you can create a magnificent border for a table cloth, curtains, covers.

Machine Embroidery Designs Christmas sock with Dog

Feeling that this Christmas a bit of novelty is what your house décor needs? Up the Christmas gift-giving tradition, going Father Christmas large. Instead of stockings, use sacks or huge mittens (why not) for presenting the gifts for the dear and near. Add a bit of embellishment to the seasonal bundles with the help of machine embroidery designs Christmas sock with Dog. Such fantastic take on traditional Christmas stocking will make everybody happy! Whether opting for stockings or sacks, don’t forget to stuff them to the brim with happiness, fun and a lot of good humor. The little Christmas pup, “dashing through the snow” will surely inspire you to such gifts! And you know what? Everybody will love it!

Machine Embroidery Designs Chrysanthemums and butterfly

They say that butterflies are flying flowers. Looking at the set of machine embroidery designs CHRYSANTHEMUMS AND BUTTERFLY, it’s not hard to believe in this. Like a delicate floret, this amazing creature is hovering over fluffy white chrysanthemums. It seems, it’s about to sit on one of them. Such a composition will refresh the interior and add a spring touch to the surroundings. Moreover, it is perfect for wedding decorations, or for a gift to the bride and groom.

Machine Embroidery Design Lovely Pink Roses

Colors mean much when transforming a house into a home. A few drops of the skies, several precious pink petals and a bit of emerald green… These juicy hues will take your day to a brighter, fresher and more positive side any time of the year. Where can you find them? In Machine Embroidery Design Lovely Pink Roses of course! It could never get any more elegant, dreamy and lady-like than this!

Lovely New Year’s Puppy Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Bubbles of champagne, colorful lights, fireworks and lots and lots of fur, sprinkled everywhere in your home… That what the year of 2018 is having in store for every one of us, for it’ll be “shepherded”, according to the Chinese Horoscope, by none other than Dog! Yes, our four-legged little friends will be guests of honor and also hosts of the forthcoming year!

Chinese New Year of the Dog Machine Embroidery Design

Products with this embroidery will be popular among owners of restaurants, hotels, shops. Such cheerful design will draw attention of visitors and can serve the enterprise during the whole year. Ornament on textiles, the menu, towels, cloths will be original and relevant within a year. It is much more profitable for the enterprise than usual Christmas or New Year decoration. Symbols, relating only to the meeting or celebration of these events, need to be replaced by daily ones soon. And here, the image with the date, valid all 365 days becomes interesting and resourceful.

Machine Embroidery Design Snake like Gucci made – 6 sizes

Have you ever wondered what it was like to walk through the Garden of Eden? A place of such an enticing ambience should have had plenty of wanders! The lure of the forbidden fruit, the glorious feeling of giving in to the seductive sensuality of the sweetest sin… An accomplished master of fashion temptation, Alessandro […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly

Our website has a remarkable Japanese Collection, which presents exquisite machine embroidery designs. They are inspired by the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun and are of extraordinary beauty and taste. A set of Machine Embroidery Designs Sakura branches and butterfly is from this collection too. These patterns are extremely elegant and very romantic. They will look truly magical on home textiles, clothes and accessories.

Machine Embroidery Design Little Pony – 5 sizes

Violet is one of the most favourite colours of children. Therefore, the machine embroidery design Little Pony will please kids doubly. First, seeing one of characters of the famous animated film always causes positive emotions. Secondly, pleasant violet colour with a scale of its shades will bring esthetic pleasure to its admirers.