Machine Embroidery Design Romantic Pansies Floral Border

Have you ever thought how hospitable are we? Sure, we go out and have fun, but how good are we at having people over for, say, barbeque get-together? Experienced hosts say that in this regard it’s not so much the food or the settings, but your attitude what matters. If the sun shines within your heart, your guess will feel its warmth for sure. So, the décor of the party is actually for you. So, make something bright, cheerful and stylish to make your inner self sing with happy tunes.

If whimsical vibe of floral décor is what makes it up for you, Machine Embroidery Design Romantic Pansies Floral Border can help you become a better host. How? Read on to learn more…

Flowers for their part are a real treasure trove of party hosting ideas. When choosing flowers for themes of your party you just can’t go wrong. Take for example pansies, dainty colorful gems known and loved by absolutely everyone. Elegant and irresistibly charming, pansies will make everything around them look and feel beautiful and light. Their cordial air with tiny bit of cartoonish sweetness will everyone, including you, feel pleasantly at ease. And best part with these blooms is that after parties, they can easily be incorporated into interior of your home.

Machine Embroidery Design Romantic Pansies Floral Border can work these sensational flowers into any party, formal or casual. Vibrant and oh-so-very-dreamy, this design will make any functional textile look like a beautiful accessory of some enchanting summery play. Even basic appetizers will look more inviting and gourmet, when served on a table-cover, embroidered with purple violets and pansies.

With 2 sizes available this design can help you create blooming miracles for any of your parties. Napkins, decorative runners, plate-mats and even chair covers – there’s room for exquisite charm of these pansies everywhere. And if feeling extra fancy, try mixing this floral border with the complimenting corner design (available on catalogue).

Machine Embroidery Design Romantic Pansies Floral Border


Size: 51.0×178.0 mm (2.01×7.01 “), Stitches: 14432
Size: 230.5×65.8 mm (9.07×2.59 “), Stitches: 21127
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, xxx, vp3

With parties you can be as elaborate or stark as you want. Use fabrics of different colors to make a vibrant, rainbow-like background. Such splashes of hues will only add to the uplifting feel that a party should have. Machine embroidery design romantic pansies floral border, together with the corner design will help you make fabulous textile sets. You can use them in everyday life too, for they’ll keep your mood up, melting all the clouds way.

In your bed room or in the kitchen pansies will spread their radiant summery flair even if June is still far away. Just imagine these lovely violets lulling you to sleep… A sight like this will infuse your dreams with most fairytale-like vibes. And after waking up, you can still savor some of your sweet fragrant dream, when making coffee in the kitchen. Romantic pansies, embroidered on curtains will bring summer in, making everything look more magical and dreamy!

Let charm of pansies set your imagination free! For special occasions or on everyday of your life, borrow their beauty to make every minute feel more alive, brighter and fun!

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Machine embroidery design Romantic Pansies Floral Corner

Machine embroidery design Romantic Pansies Floral Corner

Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 01.07.2017