Machine Embroidery Design Elegant flowers poppy - 4 sizes

This season flowers, especially poppies, seem to reign supreme all over the world of fashion and style. Stars, celebrities, royalties, you name it, all try to borrow from elegant efflorescent flair of the dainty poppy. Everyone who is anyone wears poppies but no one does like Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. Kate seems to have more than just mere preference to poppies in her outfits. She wears them as often as possible and for good reason too.

Refined and graceful flowers as they are, poppies as a decorative motif emanate subtlety and style wherever they “bloom”. Patriotic and oh-so-stylish poppy dresses of Kate Middleton make everybody bow before her exquisite and highly elegant taste. Inspired by royal love for poppies, we created Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Flower Poppy. With this design every girl could become a princess!

A whimsical folksy take on famous Lasa dress print, this design infuse the beloved motif with a charming aroma of bohemian chic. Elegant flower poppy design is available in wide variety of sizes, which breaks all the limits as to its implementation. Wear it on dresses and blouses, jackets and jeans, shorts and accessories for parties, to work and midday coffee breaks. On classy white or luscious black backdrop, these elegant poppies will pop up just like their name suggests.

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant flowers poppy – 4 sizes

A stunning substitute for any summertime frill, this colorful design will impress during daytime and score in the after-hours. Applied as a single standout accent or in symmetry of bifold use, elegant poppy embroidery will ooze finesse from every petal. For radical mix-and-match combination decorate back of a military jacket with this vibrant design. A farewell-to-arms vibe is all the rage right now, so take advantage of poppies that life gives to you!

Can’t get enough of this floral motif? Indulge in little of its efflorescent charm in the look of your home too. “Plant” bright-red poppies everywhere! Your interior décor is worth elegant aroma of poppies just like your wardrobe is! On window draperies or accent pillows, the sensational floral motif will invite summer right into your living room. Decorative textiles for kitchen infuse the functional space with magical aroma of fairytale gardens in royal palaces. Fresh and mesmerizingly vibrant flaming-red poppies will add interest to interiors with interiors of many styles. Machine Embroidery Design Elegant flowers poppy make summertime flower with dazzling panache!

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