Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame
One-color needlework certainly graces any piece of linen with delicate sophistication.  Items embellished in such way become memorable presents and luxurious attributes of one’s style. Machine embroidery design featuring Vintage ornate frame could surely become central theme for many occasions.

Wedding gifts require unique articles which will express Godspeed wishes to the couple. Proper present would be distinguished by its quality and still have home feel. Embroidered linen items would make perfect choice, as they will remain with new family through many years to come. Personal aura of the giver will bless the happiness of the spouses, if such needlework is handmade.

Any item of napery gets absolutely transformed if adorned with such an exquisite design. Napkins, patterned with scroll works of leaves and scalloping petals, will alleviate atmosphere around the table, providing refined touched to every gathering. Ladies, knowing their way about the house will be excited to get items, embroidered with such masterly ornament as housewarming gifts.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame


Special events, such as baptisms, engagements and anniversaries, get honored in a proper way if gifts with personalized character are exchanged. Even such ordinary items as towel, dial up enough worth displaying this exquisite ornate frame on. Addition of monogram though desirable but still is optional, because beauty of the pattern can stand on its own.

Pillows of all types welcome such a stylish design. Due to the fact that it is available in two sizes, it fits most pillows and cushions. Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame stitching is arranged in such a manner, that if sewn on pillows, the surface will not be sturdy but still comfortable enough to sleep on.

As to characteristics of the embroidery itself, it is safe to note that almost all kinds of textile are compatible with its detailing. Special fabric, like velvet or satin, with the help of right stabilizers could yield perfect result with this design. The lacing is not too fine for the thread to be sunk deep into textile.

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