Machine Embroidery Design Abstract vintage frame

Many of us are familiar with the tradition of designating the belonging of an object to a particular person. So, we can easily use our Machine Embroidery Design Abstract Vintage Frame. Yet, let’s talk with you a bit about monograms. Perhaps useful information will be found not only by beginners, but also by experienced embroiderers.

Monogram is a combination of initials (first and last name, rarely just a name or only surname) into one. Such a connection is achieved by a variety of monograms and patterns.

Embroidered monograms can be decorated in a wide variety of styles. Greek, Latin or Cyrillic script is transformed into a whole work of art. In fact, monograms have a long history. For the first time they were used only by rich people to decorate all sorts of accessories. Hat, umbrellas, gloves and handkerchiefs were decorated with luxurious voluminous embroidery. Naturally, the poor classes of the population could not afford this.

After a while, poor people, striving to also join the culture of aristocrats, embroidered their initials on piece of cloth. These were the simplest monograms. They did not differ in the luxury of lines and beauty. Nevertheless, they were also called monograms.

By the way, earlier monogramming was a whole science. It also had special rules. Violation of such collections of monogramming was considered a sign of bad taste and ignorance.

Machine Embroidery Design Abstract vintage frame


Size: 128.2×142.4 mm (5.05×5.61 “), Stitches: 20182
Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, vp3, .sew

Now time has changed. Many have forgotten these rules and create monograms in the way they want. Some masters remained true to the basics of monogramming.

For example, according to the law of creating a monogram, the initials of the name are on the first place, and on the second is surname letter.

Or, for example, children’s monograms are usually composed of one letter.

Monograms of married couples begin with the initial of the bride, and then the initials of the groom go. It’s interesting, is not it? And in monograms there are subtleties.

In the modern world of machine embroidery, it is difficult to imagine initials without frames for machine embroidery monogram. It allows you to add aristocratic, nobility and uniqueness to your initials.

Machine Embroidery Design Abstract Vintage Frame is a vivid idea of ​​how you can decorate your monogram. Pay attention to the color in which it is presented. This is not just a golden hue. And most likely a combination of gold and pistachio. This embroidery looks just great.

If you also want to make the embroidery in the same color, we recommend taking a pistachio shade. Or you can take any color that you like. This wonderful embroidery will be lovely in any color. No less beautiful will look embroidery in color by color.

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