Machine Embroidery Designs Happy Valentines day

The 14th of February is the day when the world celebrates Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is an embodiment of truly lovely feelings. On this day it is customary to give to you love chocolate, balloons or other small romantic gifts. A compulsory attribute of the holiday is “valentine” – not big postcard with recognition of love. Always valentines are made in the form of heart and decorate with roses, kissing angels, doves or kittens. We all celebrate this day, but haven`t even think about the history of occurrence, although it is quite interesting.

According to one legend, in 269, Roman emperor Claudius II wanted to conquer the world, but his army was not so huge. Warriors spent a lot of time with their wives and children. Claudius II issued a decree on the prohibition of marriage during military service. But the young priest Valentine secretly wedded all lovers. When the emperor learned about it, the priest was sent to death.

While he set in a jail, he felt in love with Julia, the blind daughter of reverend and healed her. Before the execution Valentine left a note with the sign “Yours Valentine”. And only two hundred years later, in 496, Pope Roman Galas I declared the 14th of February the Day of St. Valentine and the Catholic Church canonized him.

Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Happy Valentines day


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But according to another legend, Valentine’s Day arose as a memory of the Roman patrician Valentine, who was a secret Christian and turned to the new faith of his servants.

Traditionally, on the 14th of February, people give each other various beauties in the form of hearts, flowers and small souvenirs. Also, they exchanged little gifts: gloves, rings, and sweets. Red roses, pigeons and cupid are unchangeable symbols of its celebration. Despite this modern people try to surprise their lovers with unexpected and original present.

In addition to valentines you can impress your love with the help of Set of Machine Embroidery Designs Happy Valentines day. You can embroider it where you want. For example a pillow of this design will be long reminding of your feelings. Such present will be extra-ordinary and original, but the main it will be your hand-made work.

You can also use a set of Machine Embroidery Designs Happy Valentines day if you have your own business and sell souvenirs, textile or some other gifts before this romantic celebration.

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