Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Chinese

Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Chinese unusual and very attractive. This gorgeous design for machine embroidery is meant to be in plain sight, because such beauty should be admired by many people. Place it on your favorite textile, or create a painting that would look great in a frame.

Peacocks are perhaps the most beautiful existing birds. No wonder they have served as decoration for parks and gardens since the days of antiquity. Today they still are a point of pride with zoos and private farms. The most common and popular coloration of peacocks is an iridescent combination of rich turquoise, green and blue. Suchlike birds can be found almost in every zoo, and there is hardly a person who has never seen them.

There are peacocks of other colors, which attractiveness is not inferior to their motley relatives. They can be white, purple, charcoal, red, bronze, lavender and several other, including hybrid ones. Interestingly, the nestlings are born the same greyish as peahens, and only reaching 1.5-2 years, males change color and grow the famous train.

Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Chinese


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Particularly noteworthy are the white peacocks, considered royal and especially revered in India. Their snow-white plumage in comparison with pied relatives seems to be truly magical. In fact, such birds are not that unique, they come across quite often as in the wild, so in captivity. Many people think they are albinos, but this is not true. A complete lack of pigment that occurs in humans and animals is very rare and has features of a specific genetic mutation. White coloring of peacocks is quite natural; they are more like blonds than albinos. However, their hens and peachicks are also white, not gray-brown like all the other kinds.

The closest live version of the design Peacock Chinese is Cameo breed, known since it was discovered in the USA in 1967. These birds have smoky, silvery-brown feathers, similar in tone to “coffee with milk”. Their bodies can be the same color or much darker, even almost black. They look especially elegant due to the fact that they are uncommon and always attract attention with such unusual appearance.

Working with machine embroidery design Peacock Chinese, you can hold to the author’s idea and make the golden bird, or choose any other colors to your taste. Create real masterpieces with designs from Royal Present Embroidery, use them for decoration of clothing, accessories, various home textiles. Give gifts with incredibly beautiful embroidery to family and friends. Be original!

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