Embroidery plays an important role in this. Especially popular now is machine embroidery. It allows you to save time, but at the same time create incredible beauty. The possibilities of modern machine embroidery are unlimited. It allows us to realize the most creative ideas: to connect not connectable, to combine different styles, to involve technicians from other areas, for example, from sewing. Everyone knows that between sewing and embroidery there is a certain facet, but it is usually very thin. That is why we often use sewing techniques to assemble the desired object, to join several parts with each other.

Medieval Acanthus Quilt Block Machine Embroidery Design

A vivid example of this interaction of sewing and embroidery is patchwork, or as it also called quilting. This technique has gained the popularity relatively recently. That is why; many believe that it is quite young. In fact, the patchwork technique has been around for several centuries. It is believed that the first time of its using was to prolong the life of old things. Allegedly, poor women sewed pieces of cloth into one large product, for example, a bedclothes or a bedcover. This gave impetus to the fact that the technique of patchwork sewing began to develop, and now entailed even embroidery.

Machine Embroidery Designs Quilt Squares are now very popular. However, many needlewomen say that it is difficult to find a qualitative pattern, the using of which led to a successful appearance of the finished product.

That is why we put a lot of effort and attention into creating our Quilting with Embroidery Designs. Machine Embroidery Designs Quilt Squares from Royal Present Embroidery combine on one hand, simplicity and daily routine, and on the other, festivity and originality. They will conquer you with their simplicity of the embroidery process and will not bring much trouble. When buying our machine embroidery designs for the quilt, you get an archive that contains a design in the size you chose and in different embroidery formats, step-by-step instructions, and a printed design template with marked axes and embroidery center. This pattern is used if it is necessary to correctly and accurately position the embroidery.

Medieval Acanthus Quilt Block Embroidery Design

Our Machine Embroidery Designs Quilt Squares consist of a variety of embroidery patterns. Each of them is multifunctional, so you can use it several times. They will easily simplify the creation of patchwork elements, since they represent ready-made quilt blocks.

Caring for our customers, we want to offer some interesting ideas for using these designs.

Option one. Embroidery pillows in the classical style with the using of our Quilting with Embroidery Designs. In order to make such a pillow you will need:

~ Fabric for the pillow (you can take a furniture flock and even silk, but you should make a backing for such thin fabric)

Please note that the entire embroidery process depends on the type of fabric you have chosen. The correct stabilization, the type of hooping, needles and threads for a particular fabric, will help make the embroidery gorgeous.

~ Cut-away stabilizer (for thin fabrics it is better to take a cut-away glue stabilizer)

~ Air-erase pen

~ If you use a cut-away non-adhesive stabilizer, then you need a glue of a temporary fixation

~ Cushion filler

First, you need to think which pillow you want to make, because there are many variants and everything depends on your preferences and imagination. Therefore, for example, you can make a one-sided pillow, where the front part will be a fabric with embroidery, and the back part of a dark fabric. You can make a two-sided embroidered pillow, but at the same time place the blocks for the quilt differently, in a chessboard or chaotic order.

Once you have decided on the type of pillow, start creating. To do this, take a printed design pattern to properly position Quilting with Embroidery Designs. You can find it in the archive, which you will receive immediately after payment. Print out the required number of copies, and attach it to the fabric. Then, using the air-erase pen, move the center mark and the axis direction line.

Two Floral Quilt Block Embroidery Patterns

Glue the fabric stabilizer with an iron or a glue of a temporary fixation glue (depending on the type of stabilizer you have chosen) and hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer in the embroidery frame. Embroider the first block and remove the excess stabilizer. Repeat the same steps for embroidering subsequent blocks.

After you have embroidered all the necessary blocks, sew two parts of the pillow, leaving a small opening. Evenly place the filler, over the entire plane and sew a hole. A unique and original quilting pillow is ready.

In order for the pillow to look even more luxurious, you can embroider it with beads in the color of the embroidery.

The second idea. Create a coverlet for a picnic in the technique of patchwork sewing. Such a coverlet will turn out to be light and beautiful. The main thing is to do everything right.

Therefore, to put an embroidery on such a cover, you must first sew it. To do this, make a few squares of the rags of monophonic fabric, so that the embroidery is clearly visible.

Glue the cut-away stabilizer with a temporary fixation glue and attach the fabric were embroidery would be. By the way, do you know that there is a special stabilizer for patchwork? It is convenient because its canvas is already divided into squares or triangles, and you need only to mark the necessary size, and cut out the figure.

Hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer and embroider first quilt block. Repeat this procedure for embroidering other Machine Embroidery Designs Quilt Squares.

As you can see, our machine embroidery designs for quilt are simply created for your masterpieces. They are luxurious, gorgeous, brilliant and combine the colorful shades and perfection of the figures.

In addition, Quilting with Embroidery Designs are multifunctional, and can be used even in the most unusual cases, for example, to create unique borders and embroidery on tablecloths and napkins. Use our Machine Embroidery Designs Quilt Squares to create the most original and unique decor elements.

Successful embroidery!

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

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