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Foreign transactionsDear clients. Our site based in Russia, so we have to charge all the amounts in ₽ Russian rubles. For your convenience, prices for designs are set in $USD as an international currency.

So it is possible when you see some huge figures in your bill are not in your local currency( USD, EUR, BRL, GBP…etc) but in rubles which is significantly less then in your local currency( for example, $USD/₽RUB rate is approximately 60 – 62 rubles per 1 dollar). Your banking account will be charged only the amount you see while purchasing, not more.  Not all local banks can correctly convert the currency so it would be better to check the charge with your bank manager. All that said, occasionally merchant services does mess up an amount, so do always watch closely.

So, please,don’t be frightened it’s just the complexity of international payments. Almost all foreign transactions will trigger an automated fraud warning. It doesn’t mean that it is actually fraud, it’s just a flag to tell you to confirm if it’s really a transaction from you. Usually you just have to contact with your bank and verify the payment with them.

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