Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear

This Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear is just lovely! You can fall in love at first sight with such a Koala Bear. It will appeal to adults, but to a child it will become a true little friend and a beautiful mascot. This pretty bear cub would look great on clothing or home textiles for kids.

The KOALA BEAR is a good-natured and totally charming creature, as in the picture, so in real life. They live only in eucalyptus forests of Australia, eating shoots and leaves of the trees. Virtually no other animal can feed with this plant, as it contains many toxic substances. However, the special microflora of the Australian bears allows them to eat eucalyptus, without fear of poisoning.
Interestingly, in fact, the Koala is not related to the bear family, although their scientific name Phascolarctos can be literally translated as “bear with pouch”. Such a name the animal got due to the first English settlers, which thought these lovely creatures with fluffy fur and big ears resembled bear cubs. In our days a lot of people call koalas “bears”, because they really are so much alike!

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear


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The size of the Koala may vary depending on gender and area of habitats, but the mass of even the largest species rarely exceed 15 kilos. Younglings of this kind at birth weight only 5-6 grams, up to six months remaining in the mother’s pouch. Afterwards another long they travel on her back, firmly clinging to the thick fur. Small Koalas are just adorable, though not as smiling as our Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear.

It is hard to believe that the ancient ancestor of these marsupials had an impressive size. 25 million years ago, it looked almost like modern Koalas but was about 28 times bigger!
Koalas are quite gullible and vulnerable. In the wild they are easily approached, therefore, in the past they often became victims of hunters. The fur of the animal is very highly valued, that’s why at the turn of the twentieth century they nearly disappeared. Since 1927, when the hunting of koalas was banned, their population has recovered, but now the Australian bear is under state protection.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Koala Bear ideal for decoration of children’s clothes. You can make the bear pink for a girl or blue for a boy, this little charmer will look delightful in any color!

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