Machine Embroidery Design Goat

Machine Embroidery Design Goat is very positive. This smiling goat is ready to make your projects shine with optimism and energy. Goats have a long history of living together with humans. Arriving in America on the board of Mayflower, they even lived in the White House during Abraham Lincoln ’presidentship.

Goats are very interesting animals. They are rather clever and inventive. Goats, in spite of what it seems like, are very picky eaters. They are very curious, new tastes attract them. A goat chews everything that it can find around but swallows only what is tasteful and eatable. And they were the first to consume coffee bins and discover the properties of coffee. All the admirers of the drink owe to them. Their sense of taste is better developed than that of humans, goats have 40 % more taste receptor cells located on taste buds of their tongues. And their sense of smell is very well-developed. Those facts could make them the greatest world tasters. Goat embroidery design will look great on jackets, windbreakers, backpacks, aprons.

These things are often made of nylon as it is a comparatively inexpensive fabric with such useful characteristics as strong, lightweight, water resistant. Nylon is synthetic material. This made it widely used for outerwear, camping tents, umbrellas, children’s toys and kites. Nevertheless, nylon is not so easy to deal with when it comes to embroidering onto. That is because the fabric is remarkably slippery and thin. So it demands special care when hooping. Dense heavy complex designs with numerous stitches don’t work for the fabric. Such designs tend to pull more of the fabric while stitching and often cause the fabric puckering. Machine Embroidery Design Goat is ideal to be stitched on nylon fabrics.

Machine Embroidery Design Goat


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Here are four useful tips to help to embroider on nylon.

1. Choosing the right needle. The needle must be sharp, as Nylon is dense and when using a thick needle you can expect small holes in the fabric to occur. A good example to be chosen is size 75/11 sharp sewing needle.
2. Thread. If your project will have to withstand constant direct sunlight or very high heat, choose the thread with the appropriate characteristics. If the Goat embroidery design is going to adorn a windbreaker, choose threads with a special covering to prevent fading and running of colors.
3. Securing the hoop. The aim is to prevent the item sliding inside the hoop. Good advice is to apply strips of double-sided tape to the bottom of the inner hoop along all four sides while leaving its corners free. Otherwise, use an adhesive bandage to prevent slippering.
4. Cutaway stabilizer and temporally adhesive spray. As nylon is a thin fabric, the stabilizer must be thick. A medium-weight cutaway stabilizer will do great in most cases. The piece of stabilizer must be a couple of inches larger than the embroidery hoop. A temporary adhesive spray is used to attach the stabilizer to the fabric.

Machine Embroidery Design Goat is presented in three sizes for the convenient choice for any desired project.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 10.11.2014