Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball

Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball is all kind of hinting that it is time to prepare for the wonderful winter celebration.

Perhaps, it is hard to imagine Christmas and New Year without the sparkling lights, wreaths, stockings, carved snowflakes and, unquestionably, a gorgeous Christmas tree, from top to bottom hung with toys. Glass ball is one of the most common Christmas trappings, and one of the oldest.

In the Middle ages the Church forbade to embellish houses for Christmas, considering this an echo of pagan traditions. Later such an opinion was changed, as it was possible to use old rituals to propagate Christianity. By the 17th century the custom of adorning a Christmas tree for the holidays won the whole of Europe, and the first decorations were very symbolic. On top of a spruce there was “the star of Bethlehem”, its branches were loaded with waffles and biscuits, signifying a festive version of the Church fresh bread and, of course, on each Christmas tree there had to be “forbidden fruits” – apples. So, in those distant times, the tree was to be adorned only with what was edible and tasty.

The first glass ball to replace fresh and glazed apples appeared in Germany in the mid 19th century. These new toys were blown of colored glass and, like snow, sprinkled with glitter outside.

Today Christmas balls can not only be of any color and size, but of any material as well. Especially popular are that made of thin plastic, they are pretty, do not break if dropped and cheap. Such toys are simply irreplaceable, if a family has small children or pets.

Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball


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Cat’s love towards bright gizmos is known to all owners of these furry creatures. They like to play, and often drop the Christmas tree. The kitten from our design is no exception: he chose a big red ball and is not going to share. After all, lying curled up on such a beautiful toy is real pleasure.

Funny and lovely Machine Embroidery Design Cute cat lying on a Christmas ball will be a delightful addition to your interior for the holidays. Little kitty with his treasure can be placed on dining textiles – tablecloths and napkins, decorative cushions and covers for furniture, or children’s fancy suits. These kind of touching scenes are able to give you a sense of celebration for Christmas and New year.

Download machine embroidery designs on the Christmas theme from the Royal Present Embroidery website. Great quality of image digitizing makes machine embroidery easy, and the finished work will look flawless on any textile.

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Date: 09.09.2014