Machine Embroidery Design Peacock border

It’s not only fine feathers that make fine birds. Peacocks is an exquisite prove to the saying. Breezing with luxury, finesse and benevolent grace, peacocks always mesmerized people all over the world. In addition to their magnificently iridescent plumage, it’s also their symbolic meaning that makes them so irresistibly alluring. Bronze and teal eyes of the peacock’s feathers are believed to bring prosperity, love and protection.

That is why these feathered beauties are popular themes for interior decoration. This regal bird not only enhances the look of the house, but also takes under its magnificent wing the whole household! So why not take part of this magic a make it bloom in your own home? With Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Border it can be done with exquisite style.

Bright, vivid and elegant at the same time, this peacock pattern will effortlessly bring glam to your space. Offering a stylized version of the popular peacock décor, this embroidery motive takes the artistic game to a higher level. Each part of the composition lives in harmony with the majestic charm of the bird. The color pallet picks up colors from peacocks iridescent plumage.

This beautiful ditto goes perfectly well with the “ruffling” effect provided by the expressed flow of the pattern’s floral part. Flower and leaves look as if kisses of winds enlivened them, making them dance some enchanting dance. A pattern like this will make wonderful addition to any interior.

Machine Embroidery Design Peacock border


Size: 157.6×104.2 mm (6.20×4.10 “), Stitches: 16819
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3

Using Machine Embroidery Design Peacock Border you can create amazing accents for every room of your home. Make your bedroom feel more luxurious with bedding textiles embroidered with this blue-and-green border. Peacocks could adorn duvets and accent pillows of your master bed. For an extra touch of exotic luster spread this blooming garland with peacocks along the hems of the bed skirt. Continue the theme in the living room.

Decorative pillows, throws and even the curtains will love to done regal grace of exquisite peacocks. Repetition of the same pattern on various textiles will enhance the ambience of the room. A whimsical fairytale brought to you by these birds will become your favorite one!

Glorious beauty of peacocks, their peregrine charm with sweet touch of mysterious romance couldn’t be missed by wedding planners. They fell in love with this bird and made future-newlyweds fell in love with them too! One just can’t go wrong with the peacock wedding theme. Regal and romantic at the same time, peacock leitmotif just never feels same.

If you’ve chosen this dashing theme for your special day, Machine embroidery design peacock border can help you get all your wedding textiles in order. Table linens, decorative accents for chairs, fabric attributes for the photo-shoot – anything and everything will be better with these fairytale birds!

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 18.08.2014