Machine embroidery design Indian border – 2 sizes

Machine embroidery design Indian border

Machine embroidery design Indian border in its recherché sublimity and splendid elegance might have been applied to the design of this marvelous palace. The design is truly august, with scalloping vines, entwining glorious flowers, incrusted in precious gold and azure effulgence. Paradisal gardens bestowed this pattern with their most beautiful floral leaf, the palmette, elan of which is first to allure one’s attention. Its aurous heart is like a precious marquise gem, piercing into the eye of admirers from the depths of turquoise floweret. This marvelous centerpiece is enveloped by two arching fronds, with their burnished foliage plunged into wavering flashes.

Machine embroidery design Indian border

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Hoop size 130×180 mm ≈5.1 x 7 inches & 200×360 mm ≈14 x 7.9 inches
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Elegant chic of this pattern will coronate any textile into royal habiliment. Table-covers of such luxurious décor will absolutely uplift any atmosphere. Bedding sets bedecked with Indian border enfold the entire feel of a bedroom with imperial luxury. Not only linen of various kinds can don such jewel of embroidery art. Garments also could be embellished by this motive. Formal gowns’ accessories, decorative shawls and scarves would look spellbinding with this exotic pattern on.