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Royal Present Embroidery

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Royal monogram frame Embroidery design

This magnificent and colorful design is perfect for monogram on terry towels or other products with pile. Such an embroidered towel with a monogram can be used not only as an item of daily household use...

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Machine Embroidery Design Louis XIV

Unbelievably resplendent palaces mesmerized the whole Europe, putting other royalties in shadow of excellence of French style. Balls and marvelous masquerade parties fascinated even those who heard only...

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Machine Embroidery Design Luxurious frame

Fashion had to learn many languages, incorporating style of each country it visited into its own “elocution”. Finally in the 17th century’s France, being charmed by the luscious sun of the land personat...

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Machine Embroidery Design Gold spikelets

Bespoke materials, intricate embroidery, unparallel jewelry and overall errorless style is all what a true princess wedding gown is about. From early ages till this days kings and queens spared no time,...

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Purple grapes Machine Embroidery Design

Transparent crystals, soldered with playful and effervescent gold, elegant but pungent rubies and mischievous rosé topazes, bring mirth to every celebration in our life.This ambrosial nectar comes from...

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Machine Embroidery Design Royal Peacock

Gorgeous, regal, mesmerizingly beautiful… Adjectives, used for peacocks’ descriptions imbue admiration and reverence, just like the guise of the bird. A vision of such grace, couldn’t escape our artisti...

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Machine Embroidery Design Royal ornament

Oriental ornaments excite our minds so much that we dedicate whole books to them. Many masters turn to them to find not only the patterns in the creation of these complex drawings, but also to unravel t...

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Gold crown free embroidery design

You know how they say that some of the best gifts come in small packages? Gold Crown Free Embroidery Design by Royal Present is one of the “snarkiest” prove of the saying. Why? For one, it surely is a g...

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Machine embroidery design Gold Crown

Machine embroidery design Gold Crown by Royal Present Embroidery, looks truly royal and luxurious. It is decorated with rubies and emeralds, even though these “stones” are merely red and green details...

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Machine Embroidery Design Tiara

Machine Embroidery Design Tiara is perfect for those who appreciate unique looks. Regardless of age women adore the elaborate patterns on textiles. Perhaps that is why embroidery is one of the most popu...

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