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Machine Embroidery Design ballerina

Ballet is quite a demanding form of art. Its beauty owes much to the hard work and gusto that dancers put into it, all of which can thrive only in according environment. A swan, after all, ca...

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Machine embroidery design Racing Cars

Our collection of children’s designs is constantly replenished. Nevertheless, the design for girls in it a little more. We decided to fix this and created our Machine Embroidery Design Racing...

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Seashell Machine Embroidery Design

A seashell is probably the most popular keepsake to bring from vacation. Small and large shells of sea creatures take their places of honor at home to remind of summer holidays. Seashell Mach...

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Machine embroidery design Shell

When we go on vacation, we often bring back keepsakes to remind us of our trip. One popular item is a seashell, which can come in various sizes and types of sea creatures. These shells serve...

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