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Machine Embroidery Design Zipper and eye

Have you ever wondered how super-heroes would play hide and seek? What are the canons, tricks and shortcuts in the game of the mighty? Thor or Superman, for once, would use their ability to fly to hide,...

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Machine Embroidery Design Poppies

With the rise of embroidery on catwalks, its thematic implementation and general articulation have been seeing most spectacular transformations. Traditional stitching techniques managed to come in and o...

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Machine Embroidery Design Blue Redbreast

Nature has fascinated us since the beginning of time and continues to delight to this day. Riot of colors in nature amazes our minds and excites our emotions. There is no person in this world who would...

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Easter Machine Embroidery Designs

The popularity of embroidery continues to grow.  Everyone agrees that receiving a hand-crafted gift is equally as pleasant as giving such a gift. Many embroidery artisans start their Easter preparation...

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