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Machine Embroidery Design Leaves corner

The machine embroidery design Leaves Corner is executed by one colour of thread. This method allows to create bright or very gentle borders for items. Depending on the choice of colour, the ornament for...

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Machine embroidery design Pumpkin

In this Machine embroidery design, a big red and orange Pumpkin, golden wheat stems, green leaves and a scarlet maple leaf make a flawless autumn palette. Thus, the design is a perfect choice if the pro...

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Machine Embroidery Design Golden leaves

Each of us has heard the truth that real beauty is in simplicity. In order to create an attractive view, there is no need for superfluous refinement and luxury, since in the end the thing can turn into...

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Machine Embroidery Design Fern – 2 sizes

Even if you do not go into mythology and legends, it cannot be that you do not know any rumors about a mystical plant fern. Although most of them are dedicated specifically to the flowering of the fern,...

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Machine Embroidery Designs Purple leaves

Agree that shades of purple and blue are a bold and rather unexpected solution for floral ornament, although it is quite common in decor. Despite the fact that in nature there are blue flowers, as an ex...

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Machine Embroidery Design Lacy Leaves

Machine embroidery design Lacy Leaves is perfect for admirers of timeless classics. This is an example of an exquisite, elegant decor that will neither lose its relevance tomorrow, nor next century. Dec...

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