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Royal Present Embroidery

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Machine Embroidery Design Tiara Princess

Machine embroidery design Tiara Princess has all the qualities that are inherent in royal embroidery. It combines luxury, and splendor, wealth, and aristocracy. And to give your things and clothes of th...

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Crown Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

We can’t all be queens; someone has to clap when I walk by… We don’t know the brilliant lady who said the quote, but she certainly deserves a crown. That is why, to honor all those, who can relate and t...

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Free Tiny Crown Machine Embroidery design

This cute golden crown, executed in a small size, will not leave you indifferent. You will undoubtedly want to get this free design in your collection. Long since the crown was considered a symbol of po...

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Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design

A good baby shower makes the mother-to-be feel that a wonderful fairytale is about to start. A really successful baby shower, however, makes the future mother feel like she’s the queen of the fairytale...

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Free Machine Embroidery Design King Crown

This computer embroidery machine design will become a remarkable gift for those who is opening a new enterprise. Especially, if it is connected with a services sector where towels, napkins, cloths and b...

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Machine Embroidery Designs Princess Crown

Is there a girl that doesn’t want to get into the fairytale and be a beautiful Princess? Doubtfully. Every little one dreams to have a castle, a carriage and servants, and of course, the glittering crow...

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Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown proves that even a miniature pattern can be expressive and is able to attract attention. Use this machine embroidery design to beautify clothing, accessories and ho...

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