Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic bee Blank Monogram

Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic Bee Blank Monogram represents not only lavishness of imperial glory but also ingenious finesse in implication of fashion to tradition, sublimity of genuine French elegance. The design redoubled the time-honored classic of ancient Rome: the laurel wreath with a sleek orderly arrangement of pure, flawless leaves, varnishing the glorious insignia with ostentatious luxury of nonpareil France.

Machine embroidery design Gold Crown

GOLD CROWN, bright machine embroidery design by Royal Present Embroidery, looks truly royal and luxurious. It is decorated with rubies and emeralds, even though these “stones” are merely red and green details of the picture. The crown has a simple shape, but an interesting exterior: it resembles carved jewels or fine lace. This pattern for embroidery machines is versatile, suitable for adults and children, both for girls and for boys.

Machine Embroidery Designs PRINCESS CROWN

Machine embroidery design Princess Crown is a wonderful decoration of the maiden room as well. It can be embroidered on cushions, bedspreads and furniture covers in the room of your little Princess.

Machine Embroidery Design Small Crown

The decor in the form of a crown has become one of the fashion trends. You might have seen suchlike embroidery on blazers and jackets, both for women and men. SMALL CROWN would be ideal for these garments.