Machine Embroidery Design Christmas ball with rubies

Do you think that gorgeous radiance of our gemstone inspired designs will lose its sparkle should you choose to create it using only one color? Not in the least! Monochromatic variant will stun with its outstanding glamorous sparkle in the same wonderful way as its multicolored counterparts. Try it on a saturated with color background to marvel at an absolutely fantastic Christmas decorative accent! Silver on black, white on blue – you chose the colors of your fairytale!

Christmas garland Machine Embroidery Design

Textiles, embroidered with white poinsettia garland will gracefully ennoble any rustic or pastoral background. In too modern or minimalistic decors, embroidery, inspired with wintery forest will add a touch of sweet cozy elegance. With Machine embroidery Design Christmas Garland every home can have its own little Christmas star, settled cozily amidst fine greenery of the woods!

New Year’s ball machine embroidery design – 8 sizes

Agree that nothing is more uplifting before Christmas and New Year, as dressing up of the Christmas tree. Colorful ornaments, twinkling garlands, ribbons and confetti create an atmosphere of the long-awaited magic celebrations, beloved by children and adults. Machine embroidery on textiles also contributes to the preparation for the holidays, especially if you pick a really spectacular design. An amazing NEW YEAR’S BALL is one of such patterns for embroidery machines.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Bell

Decorating with embroidery is one of the easiest and lasting kinds of creating of Christmas magic. Not only embroidered items add bespoke feel to the holiday décor, they also make it feel infinitely more welcoming. Sure, a sparkling bell ornament on a Christmas tree will cheer you in a jiffy. Embroidered Christmas bell, however, can make so much more than just that. It can make you feel warm and snuggled up in most luxurious way possible when it’s cold and snowing outside. It is also wonderfully versatile, and can be used on so many items and in so many variants. Embroidered pillows, linens, household textiles and decorative accessories, gifts and even clothes – you can “hear” beautiful Christmas bell practically everywhere!