Queen Bee Embroidery Design Instant Download

Have you ever wondered how important a bee embroidered pattern with a crown is? The appearance of the bee was recorded 70 million years ago. It was even depicted on coins of the Ancient World. Bee is a symbol of ethical purity and morality, freshness, wisdom, fertility, diligence, chastity. It is an important symbol on […]

French Queen Bee Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

The French Queen Bee Machine Embroidery Design is a complex and refined picture on a fabric. It contains several images — a crown, a bee and a beautiful frame in Baroque style. The expressive and distinguished embroidery is executed by two colours of threads. We suggest to use Madeira thread. Firstly, its wide colour palette […]

Ornate bee machine embroidery design

Ornate bee machine embroidery design can be used both for standard solutions in machine embroidery, and for unique ones. It will look great on white tablecloths and napkins; you can even create a whole set with a cute motley bee. However, one more original variant is embroidery of this design on jars for honey. It […]

Machine Embroidery Design French Napoleonic Bee – 3 sizes

Luxury, character, timeless style… When thinking along those lines in fashion and interior design particular, France inevitably comes to mind. And no wonder, really. From ancient times this little European country has been influencing in an enormous way the entire world of vogue. It was then, when elegance became synonym to French and royal elegance […]

Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic bee

This design is original and simple at the same time. It represents prosperity and success, beauty external and internal. The using the bee symbol in this design is not without a purpose. Since the time of Napoleon, when the bee was the personal favorite symbol of the great emperor, it is considered as a symbol […]

Machine Embroidery Design Napoleonic bee Blank Monogram

Bees have always had special, almost sacred semblance about them. Even in the ancient times, a great number of cultures worshiped these peculiar creatures, ascribing to them various magical powers, which then associated them to gods. It was this momentous heritage that a clever and very sophisticated mind of Napoleon Bonaparte used to inspire the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Royal Bee | Napoleonic bee

Bees are hardworking and selfless creatures who know no doubt and no fear. They live in highly organized society, where each one takes its place and performs the designated function. The bee hive may exist for decades and seem quite the same, while changing hundreds of generations of its inhabitants. No wonder that these amazing […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart

Bright Machine Embroidery Design Cute bee holding a heart looks absolutely adorable! This lovely creature cannot but cause a smile, besides, it carries a big heart – a sign of love. Such patterns for embroidery machines are perfect to decorate gifts for the dearest people. Cute bee embroidery design will show your deep feelings and […]