Pocket Red Panda Machine Embroidery Design

Every day, Royal Present strives to delight every customer, creating original, unique and unusual designs. Our designs help not only housewives to decorate their interior and clothes, but also to many people who have business directly connected with sailing of exclusive clothes. After all, everyone knows that machine embroidery in this case is an important […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ornate Horse head – 2 sizes

Horse embroidery designs are replenished with one more popular image. The Machine Embroidery Design Ornate Horse head will attract children and adults. Such ornament on clothes fills practically all surface and doesn’t demand a complex cut. The picture in one color looks lovely and graceful. The head of the horse with a lacy mane is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Dog Chinese horoscope animal sign

All ancient cultures had their signature style in depicting world that was happening around and above them. Vikings wove angular runes into the tree of life, capturing the meaning of all the beings together. Egyptians developed their own spellbinding ways of picturing gods and kings. Incas drew mathematically correct mystic stairways straight to the skies, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Adorable white kitten with golden crown

Machine Embroidery Design Adorable White Kitten with Golden Crown will gladly become a lovely decorative accent to pillows of their beds and blankies or even pajamas. The little cat will help you put them to sleep. Telling stories about how it went “to London to visit the Queen” and how it was the Queen herself who’d given it its golden crown.