Machine Embroidery Design Hungarian folk art – 2 sizes

The composition of Hungarian folk art design delivers an easy way to express your creative self. Transform the way you treat your clothes. Forget the humble neutrals and the going-with-everything basics! Let yourself live a little! Color it up your wardrobe with machine embroidery design Hungarian folk art.

Four Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs

Ralf Waldo Emerson said that Earth laughed in flowers. In Four Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs you really can feel the power of this magical laughter. It’s refreshing and fragrant; it’s wild and sweet at the same time! Let these flowers bring their cheerful groove into your everyday life. A cup of tea, a book and a warm blanket embroidered with Muhu traditional patterns – what can be more relaxing after a hard day at work? Fill your home with this floral happiness and beauty and you’ll never feel under ever again.

Machine Embroidery Design Russian folklore

An imaginative take on Yves Saint Laurent inspiration, machine embroidery design Russian folklore will lure you from world of reality into the magic land of whimsical flowers. This fashion journey will make you feel like real magician of the fashion designers’ realm.