Scandinavian folk Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

In the search for perfect elements for decoration, it is worth to give time to machine embroidery. The design offered here has collected all sorts of virtues, which will undoubtedly interest everyone. Pay attention to this unusual composition and just imagine how magical it will look in your interior. A bright blue drawing that is […]

Polish floral vertical border machine embroidery design

Do you like to make your life brighter? For example, decorate your house, clothes, giving it some special hand-made originality. It sounds a little contradictory, machine embroidery and handicraft. However, in fact, a continuous red thread interconnects these concepts. Despite the fact that the machine embroider, the human and only him, is in this case […]

Polish Square Floral machine embroidery design – 5 sizes

We continue to acquaint you with our collection of delightful, colorful and unforgettable designs in folklore style. When you look at this beauty, the first thought that arises in your head is «Great!» They are majestic and can decorate any subject. Do you know that you can love the embroidery, as if a human, from […]

Corner Polish floral folk embroidery pattern – 2 sizes

Do you like colorful and bright embroidery? Or do you like unforgettable embroidered elements in folk style? If so, then the Corner Polish floral folk embroidery pattern is simply obliged to replenish your collection of patterns. This new design from our folk collection represents Polish embroidery, the birthplace of which is the Lowickie town. Corner […]

Three traditional Polish floral machine embroidery designs

Have you already seen our new Eastern European Designs for Embroidery Machines? They are all bright and original, colorful and unique. Therefore, you can use it to stylize the interior, or create unforgettable items of the wardrobe. It all depends on your imagination and twist of the wrist. Three traditional Polish floral machine embroidery designs […]

Machine Embroidery Design Hungarian folk art – 2 sizes

 Fashion’s surely going through its “spring” phase, because, thanks to the heavens, folk trend’s being on the rise once again. Yes, fashionistas around the world, you can rejoice for this trend is probably one of the most budget-friendly ones. Why? Well, because some of the on-point pieces are already “hidden” in your home. All you […]

2 Machine Embroidery Designs Blue Folk ornaments

BLUE FOLK ORNAMENTS are a set of two machine embroidery designs, which are ideally combined with each other and will look great together on any textile items. The smaller design is a garland of flowers. The image is quite symbolic, so we can only guess what plants are depicted. Someone see meadow cornflowers and forget-me-nots […]

Four Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs

Since the resurgence of embroidery as the newest with-it decorative trend, we’ve seen, worn and wowed at it in so many ways! Embroidered flowers, animals and even insects have been mesmerizing our imagination on catwalks for seasons on end. We just can’t get enough of good-old roses of Dolce and Gabbana and relatively new snakes […]

Machine Embroidery Design Russian Folk Flowers – 2 sizes

The richness of Russian culture is known far beyond its borders. Decorative arts, sometimes highly professional, sometimes naive, take a special place in the hearts of people and have many varieties. Themes of national crafts and their manners of execution can differ so much. Because Russia is a country with vast territory, multiethnic diverse population, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Russian folklore

What do we know about fashion of Russia? Most answers will range from Pavlov-Posad and Matreshka’s floral whimsy to Faberge opulence. With them being enormous part of the whole vogue picture, still they could not define it as the whole. Fashion styles of Russia are as diverse as the land itself. However, it’s the fantastic […]