Machine Embroidery Design Morocco Blank Monogram

Machine Embroidery Design Morocco Blank Monogram is made in the best traditions of the style. This machine embroidery design will appeal to admirers of unconventional solutions, those who prefer bright and unusual accessories. Such a frame for a monogram will be good for children and adults.

Machine Embroidery Design Kalocsa motif – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Kalocsa motif is a delightful floral wreath, infused with aroma of romantic fairy tales and freshness of blooming nature. It is a delicate ethereal open-work, which is lavished with a wonderful assortment of springtime jewels. Among the floral abundance there are familiar outlines of humble wildflowers, which warm our hearts with their agreeable tenderness.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame – 2 sizes

Pillows of all types welcome such a stylish design. Due to the fact that it is available in two sizes, it fits most pillows and cushions. Machine Embroidery Design Vintage ornate frame stitching is arranged in such a manner, that if sewn on pillows, the surface will not be sturdy but still comfortable enough to sleep on.

Machine Embroidery Design Laсe Monogram Blank

Exquisite trimmings, elaborate flounce and frills, sparkling with splendid refinement… Extravagant decoration and adornment certainly add elevated flair to interior of a room or piece of clothes from the wardrobe. They’re like a striking jewel set, which attracts everybody’s attention upping up the flair and drama in the cast. But, alas, jewels are cold and not the most comfortable of accessories! Besides, you don’t go for the sparkle when you want some quiet and piece. At times all you need is serenity, coziness and comfort. In a cordial, heartfelt and beautiful form if possible.

Machine Embroidery Designs Vintage Alphabet

We have created a wonderful offer for those who understand and appreciate monograms. We represent a Machine Embroidery Designs Vintage Alphabet! For those who like to make monograms this collection will become a source of creativity for many years.