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Kokopelli Set - 2 sizes


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Kokopelli No. 1
Size: 53.8x98.5 mm (2.12x3.88"), Stitches: 8218
Size: 59.1x108.4 mm (2.33x4.27"), Stitches: 9204

Kokopelli No. 2
Size: 50.5x98.4 mm (1.99x3.87"), Stitches: 7643
Size: 55.5x108.2 mm (2.19x4.26"), Stitches: 8600

Kokopelli No. 3
Size: 48.9x98.6 mm (1.93x3.88"), Stitches: 7982
Size: 53.8x108.4 mm (2.12x4.27"), Stitches: 8968

Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Kokopelli Machine Embroidery Designs: Revive Ancient Folklore in Stitch

Introduction to Kokopelli SET Machine Embroidery Designs

Kokopelli is more than just a mythological figure from the annals of Native American folklore. Hailing from the southwestern regions of the United States and parts of Mexico, this enigmatic character has captivated the hearts of many with his soulful flute melodies. As a symbol of fertility, music, and dance, Kokopelli has inspired countless artworks, stories, and folk embroidery designs.

Embroidering the Spirit of Kokopelli

The allure of Kokopelli isn't just limited to tales and ancient artifacts. Today, his effervescent spirit has been beautifully captured in our range of Kokopelli Machine Embroidery Designs. Crafted meticulously, these designs bring the ancient charm of Kokopelli to contemporary fabric art.

Versatility of Kokopelli Embroidery Designs

One of the many wonders of these folk embroidery designs is their sheer versatility. Whether it's a delicate cotton dress or a sturdy polyester jacket, Kokopelli leaves his indelible mark.

  • On clothes: From casual T-shirts to sophisticated shirts, flowy dresses to rugged jeans, jackets to skirts, Kokopelli lends an element of mystery and folklore to any attire.
  • On accessories: Elevate the style quotient of your bags, hats, scarves, and even gloves with a hint of this ancient legend.
  • On home decor items: Transform the ambiance of your space with Kokopelli-embroidered pillows, towels, bedspreads, or even paintings. The rhythmic trance of his flute is sure to fill every corner of your home.

Why Choose Our Kokopelli Machine Embroidery Designs?

In a market flooded with myriad embroidery patterns, our Kokopelli Machine Embroidery Designs stand out, and here's why:

  • Two Convenient Sizes: Catering to diverse project requirements, we offer designs in two sizes.
  • High-Quality Detailing: Every curve of the flute, every feather, and every nuance of Kokopelli is intricately detailed.
  • Compatibility: These designs seamlessly blend with a wide range of fabrics, be it cotton, linen, or polyester.


Embroidery is more than just stitching patterns on fabric; it's about weaving stories, emotions, and a rich heritage. Our Kokopelli Machine Embroidery Designs aren't just patterns; they are a tribute to a legend that has mesmerized generations. Whether you're a folklore fan or someone with an eye for unique embroidery designs, these patterns promise to be a prized addition to your collection. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Kokopelli and let your fabrics sing the ancient tales of dance, music, and fertility.



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