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Field scarlet poppies corner - 4 sizes


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Size: 104.7x113.2 mm (4.12x4.46"), Stitches: 14621
Size: 115.1x124.6 mm (4.53x4.91"), Stitches: 16851
Size: 126.7x137.0 mm (4.99x5.39"), Stitches: 19409
Size: 139.4x150.6 mm (5.49x5.93"), Stitches: 22225

Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .xxx, .vp3

Embellish Your Summer Textiles with the "Field Scarlet Poppies Corner" Machine Embroidery Design - Available in 4 Sizes

Introduction to Field Scarlet Poppies Corner Embroidery Design

Add a splash of vivid color and elegance to your summer projects with our "Field Scarlet Poppies Corner" machine embroidery design. Available in four sizes to suit a variety of textile projects, this design features a stunning display of scarlet red poppies, complete with lush green foliage, making it a perfect addition to any summer textile collection.

What is Depicted in the Design?

The "Field Scarlet Poppies Corner" design showcases a beautiful arrangement of bright scarlet poppies intertwined with rich green leaves and stems, artistically positioned in a corner motif that is ideal for enhancing the corners of tablecloths, cushions, or clothing. The colors used in this embroidery include:

  • Scarlet Red (Madeira Classic 1170): Dominates the petals of the poppies, offering a vibrant and eye-catching hue.
  • Forest Green (Madeira Classic 1379): Used for the leaves, providing a deep, natural contrast.
  • Olive Green (Madeira Classic 1370): Accents the stems and leaf details.
  • Charcoal Grey (Madeira Classic 1178): Outlines and defines the intricate details of the poppies and leaves.

Why Choose Our Machine Embroidery Designs?

Available in All Sizes and Formats

We provide immediate access to all sizes and formats of the design, ensuring compatibility with various embroidery machines and allowing you to start your project right away without the hassle of format conversions.

Easy to Embroider

Our designs are crafted to be easy to embroider, suitable for both beginners and seasoned crafters. Detailed instructions are included with every design to ensure a smooth embroidery experience.

Commercial License Included

Each purchase comes with a commercial license, allowing you to use the design in personal projects as well as products for sale. This flexibility is perfect for small business owners and craft enthusiasts who wish to add a professional touch to their offerings.

Perfect Applications for Summer Textiles

  • Home Decor: Enhance your home décor by adding this design to table linens, throw pillows, or drapery.
  • Apparel: Incorporate a touch of nature into your wardrobe by embellishing casual summer dresses or linen shirts.
  • Accessories: Transform ordinary bags, hats, or scarves into unique pieces with this elegant embroidery.

How to Buy and Use the Design

  1. Visit Our Online Store: Browse our extensive collection of machine embroidery designs.
  2. Select the Design: Choose the "Field Scarlet Poppies Corner" design in the desired size.
  3. Purchase and Download: Complete your purchase and download the design in all available formats.
  4. Embroider Your Project: Load the design into your embroidery machine, choose your threads based on the color guide, and start embroidering.

The "Field Scarlet Poppies Corner" machine embroidery design offers a stunning way to bring the vibrancy of summer into your textile projects. With easy-to-follow instructions, multiple sizes, and a commercial license, this design is an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their fabric creations with beautiful, professional-quality embroidery. Visit our online store today to buy this versatile design and start transforming your textiles with the beauty of scarlet poppies!



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