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Christmas Holly Borders- 4 sizes


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Border No.1
Size: 59.3x178.6 mm (2.33x7.03"), Stitches: 13267
Size: 65.9x198.6 mm (2.59x7.82"), Stitches: 14923
Size: 72.6x218.6 mm (2.86x8.61"), Stitches: 16384
Size: 79.1x238.6 mm (3.11x9.39"), Stitches: 18171

Border No. 2
Size: 59.2x178.1 mm (2.33x7.01"), Stitches: 13120
Size: 66.0x198.6 mm (2.60x7.82"), Stitches: 14799
Size: 72.7x218.7 mm (2.86x8.61"), Stitches: 16417
Size: 79.3x238.6 mm (3.12x9.39"), Stitches: 18155

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Christmas Holly Borders Machine Embroidery Files: A Holiday Must-Have

When the holiday season approaches, it's the perfect time to infuse your home with festive vibes. What's better than personalizing your space with unique embroideries? Introducing our new **Christmas holly borders machine embroidery files** available in 4 sizes, tailor-made for various uses.

Beautify Your Festive Décor with Christmas Holly Borders

Perfect for Various Christmas Decors

- Towels: Accentuate your bathroom or kitchen towels with holiday embroidery designs, adding a special touch to everyday items.

- Table Runners: A table runner decorated with Christmas holly borders machine embroidery can be the centerpiece of your festive dinner.

- Christmas Tree Skirt: Elevate the look of your Christmas tree by adding a touch of elegance to its base.


Why Use Gunold Thermofilm™ Rolls with Your Embroidery?

Traditional embroidery has always required backing, often leaving residue and an imperfect finish on the reverse side. However, with the advent of Thermofilm™ Rolls, that concern is a thing of the past.

Benefits of Thermofilm™ Rolls

1. No Residue: Unlike traditional backings, Thermofilm™ ensures no residue is left behind on your embroidery projects.

2. Easy to Use: Apply it before embroidering and remove it effortlessly using a household iron post-embroidery.

3. Clear: The heat-sensitive film is transparent, ensuring it doesn't interfere with the aesthetics of your holiday embroidery designs.

4. Flawless Finish: As a perfect replacement for non-woven embroidery stabilizers, Thermofilm™ ensures embroideries that look splendid from both sides.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Thermofilm™ with Your Embroidery

Easy Steps for Perfect Embroidery

- Step 1: Lay out your fabric and place the Thermofilm™ Roll over the area you wish to embroider.

- Step 2: Embroider your Christmas holly borders machine embroidery design onto the fabric.

- Step 3: Using a household iron to gently heat the Thermofilm™ once your embroidery is complete. This will allow it to detach effortlessly from the fabric.

- Step 4: Admire your work! With Thermofilm™, you'll have embroideries that are beautiful from the front and clean and residue-free from the back.


The holiday season is a time for beauty, elegance, and personal touches. With our Christmas holly borders machine embroidery files, you can adorn various home textiles with festivity. And, with the impeccable finish guaranteed by Gunold Thermofilm™ Rolls, your embroideries will be as perfect as the holiday spirit. So, get started and let your holiday embroideries shine with perfection!



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