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Christmas Borders set for embroidery machine - 4 in 1


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The set comes with four borders for adding bright colors to Christmas gifts and home textiles.

Border with Gingerbread
Size: 46.9x178.0 mm (1.85x7.01"), Stitches: 15465
Size: 52.3x198.5 mm (2.06x7.81"), Stitches: 17225
Size: 57.5x218.5 mm (2.26x8.60"), Stitches: 19259
Size: 62.6x238.4 mm (2.46x9.39"), Stitches: 21178

Border with Bow
Size: 44.0x178.0 mm (1.73x7.01"), Stitches: 16145
Size: 49.2x198.5 mm (1.94x7.81"), Stitches: 18188
Size: 54.0x218.5 mm (2.13x8.60"), Stitches: 20240
Size: 59.0x238.6 mm (2.32x9.39"), Stitches: 22240

Border with Gift Box
Size: 38.0x178.0 mm (1.50x7.01"), Stitches: 11502
Size: 42.3x198.4 mm (1.67x7.81"), Stitches: 12945
Size: 46.6x218.4 mm (1.83x8.60"), Stitches: 14493
Size: 50.8x238.4 mm (2.00x9.39"), Stitches: 15955

Border with Santa's Hat
Size: 44.7x178.0 mm (1.76x7.01"), Stitches: 12023
Size: 49.8x198.5 mm (1.96x7.81"), Stitches: 13363
Size: 54.8x218.5 mm (2.16x8.60"), Stitches: 14835
Size: 59.9x238.5 mm (2.36x9.39"), Stitches: 16363

Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, .jef, xxx

Christmas Borders Set for Embroidery Machine - Your Perfect Festive Companion

With the festive season approaching, crafting and decorating are at the forefront of our preparations. Embroidery, in particular, adds a special touch to our festive decorations and apparel. The right tool can elevate your designs, and this is where the **Christmas Borders set for embroidery machine** comes into play.

Why Choose the Christmas Borders Set for Embroidery Machine?

Embroidery has always been a cherished art form, breathing life into plain fabrics and making memories tangible. The holidays demand something special and unique– this embroidery set offers precisely that. For those looking to dive into this beautiful art, or even for those experienced in the field, this set stands out.

Four Unique Borders - A Touch of Elegance

1. Fir Branches: Reflecting the true essence of Christmas, the fir branches pattern brings an authentic holiday feel to your crafts.
2. Gingerbread Designs: Nothing spells Christmas more than gingerbreads! A touch of these on your tablecloth or napkins will surely be a hit.
3. Berries: A classic Christmas symbol, berries can add a touch of winter charm.
4. Bows and Other Christmas Attributes: The quintessential Christmas symbols, these designs will never go out of style.

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Christmas Embroidery Kits for Beginners

If you're starting in the world of embroidery, fear not. This Christmas embroidery kit for beginners is crafted just for you. Not only does it offer diverse designs, but it also provides versatility in size.

Sizes That Cater to All

* Each border is available in four different sizes.
* This versatility ensures that any item, be it a cushion, tablecloth, or festive outfit, can be adorned with these beautiful designs.
* Customization becomes easy and fun!

Additional Features to Fall in Love With

- Multiple Uses: The options are endless from decorating your home linen to adding a festive touch to your apparel.
- High-Quality Designs: Each design is meticulously crafted, ensuring detailed and intricate patterns every time.
- Gift Option: This can be a perfect gift for those who cherish arts and crafts. Imagine the joy of gifting or receiving customized Christmas apparel or linens!


The Christmas Borders set for embroidery machine is a comprehensive package that ensures your festive season is marked with style, elegance, and a personal touch. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned artist, this kit promises to add a dash of magic to your creations. Remember, the best memories are those we create; with this set, you're set to make many. Happy embroidering and a merry festive season ahead!



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