Machine Embroidery Design My Little Pony

What’s the best birthday gift for any little girl, except, a party with Tailor Swift singing especially for her and her friends? Right you’re! What most little girls want is a little pony, always present by their side! If it were possible they’d take it with them to school, to ballet classes, cinema, and parks – everywhere! Ah, a rainbow-y paradise of colors and cutie marks! Wait, what do you mean by this “if it were possible”? This magical thing will be possible as soon as you meet Machine Embroidery Design My Little Pony. Part of Palace Pets Embroidery Designs Collection, this dreamy foal is ready to become your little princess’s best friend. So, what are you waiting for? Browse, download and royal on!

Machine Embroidery Design My little Pony isn’t your usual blushing rose of Pinkie Pie or violet purple of Twilight Sparkle. Our lovely pony is about so much more charming, delicious and pretty rainbow of hues! Bubble Gum Pink, Creamy White and Whipped Butterscotch – with yummy colors like these this confection of a design is decorative miracle of its own! Infuse your girls’ tiny clothes, accessories and adorable attributes of their nurseries with the delightful charm that My Little Pony has in store and turn them in treasures fit for real little princesses!

Machine Embroidery Design My Little Pony


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Further we’ll discuss some of the most creative uses of the design in children’s clothing and accessories. Additionally, we’ll share some tips and tricks, which will help you achieve best results in its application.

One of the most obvious applications of machine embroidery design my little pony is décor of children’s apparel.

However, kids’ adoration of ponies might inspire you to create the cutest accessories for their nurseries or play rooms. Embroidered cushions or crib bumper pads with my little pony designs will add to any little girl’s room a touch of fairytale loveliness. For a bit of an extra sparkle for your little princess, use My Little Pony design in combination with motives from our Princess story collection. The theme, the style and the color pallet of both collections are a match made in a fairytale heaven.

Tip: If you creating my little pony accessories for nurseries, especially crib bedding items, make sure to use only hypoallergenic textiles.
Now let’s get down to technical part with detailed explanation on My little pony design application. Let’s start with children’s apparel in general.

When machine embroidering on children clothes one should mind several things:

1. It’s important to find a machine embroidery design of a perfect size and density for each particular project.

Available in four sizes, machine embroidery design my little pony boasts of nice, solid fill stitching. ONE BIG WORD OF CAUTION: use only light embroidery designs or appliqué for embroidering on items, which babies of 3 months old and younger will put on their bare skin. On this wise, My little pony designs of smaller sizes will work great for embroidering on anything starting from tines of bibs. Onesies, t-shirts and bodysuits – any item of children’s apparel will make great canvas for little pony’s magic. Designs of larger sizes will look better on clothes for toddlers and kids of older age.

2. As most of kids’ clothes are made of stretchy cotton-blends, it’s important to find proper stabilizers, needles and threads for your projects to look good and endure.

When machine embroidering on light stretchy cotton knits (ones used mostly for children’s t-shirts, onesies and such) use cut-away stabilizer with additional adhesion of temporary kind (either in a spray form or on the stabilizer itself). With sturdier fabrics a cut-away can be switched to a tear-away, but temporary adhesion should always be present. Needles for stretchy knits should be ballpoint ones (SES), ranging in sizes from 60/8 to 75/11.

Choice of threads for machine embroidery on children’s ware depends largely on type of design, fabric and your preference. As to machine embroidery design My little pony, it was tested out on Madeira, 40 WT. Polyneon. This particular polyester brand boasts of great sheen, perfect for wonderful pony magic. Besides, this particular type of threads remains its brilliance even after numerous washings. When your baby is always smudging the clothes in paint and ketchup, this quality is more than just welcome.

3. When machine embroidering on children’s clothes, make sure to use additional interfacing on the back of the embroidery to protect children’s delicate skin from possible inconvenience.

This type of “backing” should have a feel of a really light (not medium weight) and soft fabric, enhanced with a layer of permanent glue. Lightweight fusible interfacing, suitable for knitted cotton blends (used in t-shirts, onesies etc) are Sulky’s Tender Touch, Cloud Cover Stitch by Super Punch, Soft Touch Fusible Tricot by TexmacDirect, Fusi-knit by HTC and others. Though all of them are of a good quality, statistically Sulky’s Tender Touch has fewer complaints about its permanence quality. This, however, could be explained by faults in the application of the rest of brands. To eliminate such mishaps with our readers, we offer a universal manual to the use of this fusible backing.

How to apply fusible backing (interfacing) on a machine embroidery design

– First, cut out the needed amount (the piece ½” (1 cm.) should be larger than the design) of stabilizer. All the embroidered area, including edges of the cutaway stabilizer, should be covered with the interfacing completely. It’s advisable to cut out your stabilizer in a more roundish shape, as pointy angles peel off easier.

– Second, make sure to put the interfacing with the fusible side ON to the embroidery. It’s easy to find the fusible side, as it’s not as smooth the other one (due to a thin layer of glue).

– Third, make sure your iron’s temperature is set on 250-270 F (120-130 C) with wool setting pre-opted.

– Fourth, iron the interfacing for 10-15 seconds (no steam).

Tip: This particular type of stabilizer can be used to remedy puckering after the embroidery is done. Tested and proved on cases when puckering has occurred on stretchy fabric, embroidered with satin-fill letterings. To fix the problem, apply the interfacing according to the instructions, given above. Make sure to cut a piece of it large enough to cover the puckered area too. After ironing, you can marvel at a neat surface.

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Machine Embroidery Design Little Pony

Machine Embroidery Design Little Pony

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