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Japanese Crane Embroidery Design - 3 sizes


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Japanese Crane Embroidery Design is truly unique and gorgeous. It symbolizes a long-awaited arrival of spring, because it combines the return to its native lands of cranes and the flowering of tender spring flowers.

Size: 80.7x177.7 mm (3.18x7.00 "), Stitches: 14860
Size: 89.7x198.3 mm (3.53x7.81 "), Stitches: 16806
Size: 107.8x238.3 mm (4.24x9.38 "), Stitches: 20913

File types: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, .vp3, .tab, .xxx

Elevate Luxury: Embroidering the Ornate Flying Bird Design on Terry Towels

The Ornate Flying Bird Machine Embroidery Design is an exquisite choice for adding an air of luxury to your everyday items. This beautiful single-colour design is perfect for enhancing the luxuriousness of terry towels, creating a stunning visual impact. In this article, we'll guide you through embroidering this design on terry towels, ensuring that the final result is nothing short of perfection.

Preparing for Embroidery

Before you embark on the embroidery journey, gather the necessary materials:

1. Terry Towels: Opt for high-quality terry towels, preferably 100% cotton, as they provide the best base for embroidery.
2. Embroidery Machine: Ensure your embroidery machine is in optimal working condition.
3. Ornate Flying Bird Machine Embroidery Design: Download the design in 4x4 inches or larger size from the online store.
4. Stabilizers: Use a tear-away stabilizer at the bottom of the towel and a water-soluble stabilizer on top to prevent stitch distortion in the towel's pile.

Choosing the Towel Size

Selecting the right towel size is crucial for achieving the best embroidery results. The design's dimensions are ideally suited for various towel sizes, adding an elegant touch to your collection. Here are recommended towel sizes in both inches and centimetres:

1. Hand Towels: Approximately 16x30 inches (40x76 cm)
2. Bath Towels: Approximately 27x54 inches (69x137 cm)
3. Bath Sheets: Approximately 35x60 inches (89x152 cm)

Positioning the Design

To ensure your embroidered bird is perfectly placed on the towel, follow these steps:

1. Marking: Use the tailor's chalk or a water-soluble pen to mark the centre of your desired embroidery location on the towel.
2. Hooping: Hoop the towel carefully, ensuring it's taut but not overly stretched.
3. Placement: Align the centre point of your hoop with the marked centre on the towel.

Embroidering the Ornate Flying Bird Design

Now, let's delve into the embroidery process:

1. Thread Selection: Choose a high-quality embroidery thread that complements the towel's colour. A single colour is all you need to showcase the intricacies of the ornate bird.
2. Machine Setup: Set up your embroidery machine with the correct thread, needle, and hoop size (4x4 inches or larger).

Finishing Touches

Once the embroidery is complete, follow these final steps for a polished look:

1. Trimming: Carefully trim any loose threads on the towel's front and back.
2. Removal of Stabilizers: Tear away the stabilizer from the back of the towel, and dissolve the water-soluble stabilizer on the front according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Elevate your terry towels with the Ornate Flying Bird Machine Embroidery Design, transforming them into luxurious pieces of functional art. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can achieve embroidery perfection while maintaining the plushness of your towels. Visit our online store to explore a variety of 4x4 embroidery designs that will enhance your textile projects with elegance and sophistication.

This design has been tested and reviewed to ensure top quality. Test stitch the design, or portions of it, before stitching it onto your final item, as results may vary depending on fabric and stabilizer combination.

• This product may be used to create limited products for sale. Bulk product manufacturing is not permitted. Please don't sell or trade the embroidery file.

Royal Present Embroidery offers and sells digitized machine embroidery designs. This means that you get digital data of the design (NOT an actual, accomplished embroidery project) compressed in a ZIP folder, containing DST, EXP, JEF, HUS, PES, VIP VP3 and XXX file formats. All designs are available immediately after the purchase is complete. Due to the digital nature of the product it cannot be returned and no refunds are available



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