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Honeycomb Machine Embroidery Design - 5 sizes


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By knowing the speed of your embroidery machine, you can find out how long it will take to embroider a design.
To use the embroidery calculator, click on the number of stitches in the product description.

Size: 98.0x81.7 mm (3.86x3.22 "), Stitches: 9406
Size: 118.6x98.9 mm (4.67x3.89 "), Stitches: 11323
Size: 128.6x107.2 mm (5.06x4.22 "), Stitches: 12269
Size: 138.6x115.5 mm (5.46x4.55 "), Stitches: 13139
Size: 148.6x123.8 mm (5.85x4.87 "), Stitches: 14106
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, xxx, VP3

For those passionate about embroidery designs, this honeycomb machine embroidery design is the perfect piece to add colour and interest to your finished project. With five different sizes in the design, you can create something eye-catching and unique. The precision and skill within the stitching process ensure that the result will appear attractive and professional. Whether you use it as an accent piece on clothing or as a standalone wall hanging, this honeycomb design will elevate your artwork and give it an exciting touch.

Machine Embroidery on Kitchen Towels

In fact, embroidering on kitchen towels is a fairly simple task. This is because they are made of durable, natural and inelastic fabrics, for example, flax, hemp, terry, cotton or waffle fabric.

Today, we would like to tell you about the performance of machine embroidery on floursack fabric. This fabric is widely used for sewing kitchen accessories. It has good characteristics, high wear resistance and ease of maintenance.

Before starting embroidery, note that all fabrics that have a cotton base may shrink. And floursack fabric is no exception. In order not to spoil the ready-made embroidery, wash the fabric BEFORE the beginning of the embroidery process.

Then follow the instructions below:

1. Take a fabric size you need or buy a ready-made monochromatic towel.

2. Using a print template and an air-erase pen, mark up the design. To do this, drag the center point, and then draw the axis direction lines.

3. Take the self-adhesive Madeira Cotton Fix Tear-away stabilizer. Cut the required size of the canvas from the roll. Tear off the protective coating and stick the stabilizer to the towel on the wrong side.

4. Hoop the fabric with stabilizer.

5. Place the hoop in the machine and embroider the design.

6. To make embroidery look better, use the hook thread in the color of the top. Change it with each color transition of the upper thread.

7. After embroidery, unhoop the towel and tear off the excess stabilizer.

8. Unique kitchen towel is ready!

You can also use Honeycomb Machine Embroidery Design to decorate the interior of a country house or as a gift for real hostesses.

This design has been tested and reviewed to ensure top quality. Test stitch the design, or portions of it, before stitching it onto your final item, as results may vary depending on fabric and stabilizer combination.

By placing your order, you are purchasing a license to use this design in a embroidery machine for personal use, including creating items to sell at craft fairs or peer-to-peer e-commerce websites, but not for factory production or mass retail sale. You may not sell or share the design file itself.



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