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Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs - 3 sizes


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Skeleton Saxophonist
Size: 35.0x95.7mm (1.38x3.77"), Stitches: 4672
Size: 38.4x105.2mm (1.51x4.14"), Stitches: 5337
Size: 42.3x115.7mm (1.67x4.56"), Stitches: 5943

Skeleton dancer in headphones
Size: 50.3x90.2mm (1.98x3.55"), Stitches: 4616
Size: 55.3x99.2mm (2.18x3.91"), Stitches: 5160
Size: 60.7x109.1mm (2.39x4.30"), Stitches: 5765

Skeleton in a tie
Size: 66.3x93.6mm (2.61x3.69"), Stitches: 4451
Size: 72.9x103.0 mm (2.87x4.06"), Stitches: 4973
Size: 80.2x113.2mm (3.16x4.46"), Stitches: 5691
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

Halloween Delight: Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs for Spooky Fun!

If you want to add a touch of eerie charm to your embroidery projects, look no further than the Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs. These captivating designs, available in three different sizes, feature three small skeletons perfect for adorning shirts, creating borders, and capturing children's hearts with their playful appeal. Let's dive into the fascinating world of these machine embroidery designs and explore how they can elevate your crafting game.

Unleashing Halloween Magic: Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs

We all seek unique and eye-catching decorations when Halloween approaches to create a spooky ambience. The Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs offer a fantastic solution to jazz up your holiday projects. Whether you're stitching them onto t-shirts, blankets, or goody bags, these designs will revitalize the spirit of Halloween.

Versatility at Its Finest

One of the primary advantages of these embroidery designs is their versatility. With three sizes available, you can bring the right size to life for any project. The three small skeletons can be stitched in a row to form an enchanting border on shirts or other garments, adding a festive touch to your Halloween wardrobe. Children, in particular, will adore the whimsical charm of these dancing skeletons.

Glow with Glitter Threads for machine embroidery

Glow with Glitter Threads for machine embroidery

For those looking to enhance the allure of these designs further, the option to use Glitter Threads comes to the rescue. While the manufacturer of the Glitter Threads remains unknown, their magical effect on the skeletons is undeniable. Adding orange accents to these dancing skeletons can make them pop, giving your embroidery a mesmerizing sparkle.

Pros and Cons of Glitter Threads

Like any embroidery material, Glitter Threads have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look:


1. Sparkling Elegance: Glitter Threads infuse a sparkling and glamorous touch to your embroidery designs, making them stand out.
2. Festive Appeal: These threads are perfect for holiday-themed projects, like Halloween, Christmas, or New Year's celebrations.
3. Eye-Catching Effect: The shimmering effect of Glitter Threads attracts attention, ensuring your embroidery doesn't go unnoticed.


1. Thread Thickness: Glitter Threads are slightly thicker than regular embroidery threads, which may require adjustments to your machine's tension settings.
2. Limited Color Range: Depending on the manufacturer, Glitter Threads may have a limited colour selection compared to standard embroidery threads.
3. Price: Glitter Threads can be more expensive than regular threads, impacting your project's overall cost.

Glitter Threads for Machine Embroidery: Exploring Manufacturers

Glitter Threads have become a popular choice among embroidery enthusiasts, adding a touch of sparkle and glamour to their creations. While the market is brimming with top-tier manufacturers, lesser-known brands also offer Glitter Threads of impressive quality. Let's delve into the world of non-top-tier Glitter Thread manufacturers for machine embroidery and discover the hidden gems they have to offer.

1. Robison-Anton

Robison-Anton is a rising star in Glitter Threads for machine embroidery. Despite being a top-tier name, their threads have garnered a loyal following among crafters who appreciate the excellent sheen and durability they provide. Robison-Anton offers a diverse range of glittery shades that work wonders in adding a captivating effect to embroidery designs.

2. Gutermann thread

Gutermann thread may not be a household name, but their Glitter Threads deserve recognition. Embroiderers seeking an option without compromising quality often turn to the Gutermann thread. The threads come in various attractive colours, allowing crafters to experiment with designs and projects.

3. Gunold thread

Gunold Thread has the same fame as some top-tier brands; their Glitter Threads have garnered positive reviews for their soft texture and eye-catching brilliance. Crafters admire Gunold thread's ability to add a subtle sparkle to their embroidery without overpowering the overall design.
Embroiderers seeking affordable options or exploring unique colour combinations will find these brands valuable additions to their crafting arsenal. So, unleash your creativity and embrace the glittering charm of these lesser-known Glitter Threads for your next machine embroidery project!

Can I Change the Size of Embroidery Designs Myself?

This is a common question among embroiderers who purchase designs from websites like ours. The answer is a bit more complex than a simple yes or no. When you buy Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs, you receive a modified embroidery file saved in formats like pes, dst, hus, etc. It's important to note that this is not the original file.

Making alterations to a non-original file can lead to unintended consequences. For instance, resizing the design without proper recalculations may cause needle breakage, resulting in unattractive "nests" on the embroidery. Unfortunately, in such cases, embroiderers often wrongly blame the design creator for the issues.

To avoid such problems and ensure a seamless resizing process, opting for the design resizing service offered on our website is best. For a reasonable cost of $3 per size, we will provide you with the correctly resized design, ensuring optimal results without compromising the original settings.


The Dancing Skeletons Machine Embroidery Designs are a captivating addition to any Halloween-themed project. Their flexibility in sizes and the option to use Glitter Threads for added flair make them an excellent choice for embroidery enthusiasts. Remember, always avoid altering non-original files to prevent potential embroidery mishaps, and instead, rely on professional design resizing services.

Embrace the spooky charm of the Dancing Skeletons and let your creativity soar with these mesmerizing embroidery designs. Happy stitching, and have a delightfully spooky Halloween! 

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