Regarding thread winding, L-style paper bobbins by Madeira are becoming popular among sewers and embroiderers. Not only do they provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sewing bobbins, but they also offer several conveniences. Made from recycled paper, these bobbins have a smooth surface that helps prevent tangling and knotting of thread. And because the form is resistant to moisture, stitches are less likely to loosen or unravel during laundering. Plus, their compact size means they take up less space in storage. So not only does Madeira's L-style paper bobbin help protect the environment, but it also offers convenient thread winding for sewers and embroiderers alike.


Look no further than Madeira L-style paper bobbins. These bobbins are made with semi-rigid paper sides and continuous polyester thread, which prevents lint build-up, which can be an issue with metal bobbin cases. In addition, Madeira paper bobbins are easy to recycle and avoid thread friction. The manufacturer offers 134 yards of wound continuous polyester yarn for each bobbin, and a box comes with 144 pcs. Plus, you can choose between white and black when placing your order. All in all, it's hard to go wrong with Madeira paper bobbins!


So next time you start an embroidery project, consider using pre-wound bobbins - your embroidery will thank you!


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