Christmas Corner Embroidery Design with bow

We hope that this design will inspire you to create one-styled Christmas embroidery projects. After all, just look at his composition. It consists of traditional Christmas symbols: a bow, a pine twig, and evergreen foliage. Despite this, Christmas corner embroidery design with bow looks interesting, unusual and festive.

It’s interesting: The red bows, which we all used to decorate the New Year and Christmas interior, had their own special and even sacred meaning. Previously, they were considered a symbol of brotherhood. It was reminded that all people and nationalities are together, like brothers and sisters. However, now hanging the next cute red bow, we do not think about it.

Christmas Corner Embroidery Design with bow


Size: 88.0×102.0 mm (3.46×4.02 “), Stitches: 7244
Size: 110.3×128.0 mm (4.34×5.04 “), Stitches: 9010

Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, .jef, xxx

Corner patterns in machine embroidery are very popular. They have some special mysterious magic. Allow to create an unheard of beauty embroidery projects. Remembering about corner patterns, for some reason everyone thinks that they can be used only for their intended purpose. But there are other original ideas for the using of corner designs.

For example, with their help you can embroider an endless frame. In machine embroidery, the so-called concept means, when in combination with borders, corner ornaments create an appearance, as if the frame is embroidered for one hooping. As if an endless border was embroidered, and the needlewoman was constantly “turning the fabric while embroidering.” The only thing for the embodiment of this kind of embroidery project is the corner ornament, and the border should be a single style. And also executed in the same color palette.

Note: for those embroiderers who have not yet mastered these embroidery programs, we offer several articles. In them you can find the basics of working with such software. And, so to speak, get a push for further study programs. Find these entertaining and useful articles you can in the menu of the site.

We also want to offer you another interesting idea.

We will tell about the original gift for your loved people. This is a pillow in the spirit of Christmas.

To do this, you need to mirror this Christmas Corner Embroidery Design with bow horizontally with the help of the embroidery software or the editing function of the embroidery machine. Thus, you have two opposite patterns. Then, mirror the design again, but vertically. After that, you will have a set of four corner designs.

Place them on the fabric for the pillow so that in the center you have four bows, and the branches “looked” in different directions. Externally, ready embroidery will be something like a Christmas quilt block. It will be very unusual and beautiful.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 07.10.2018