Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design

A couple of red-crowned cranes enjoy peace of each other company amidst golden ripples of water beneath them… Another haiku poem you ask? Almost – we answer. Beautiful as the traditional form of art from Land of the Rising Sun, Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design is of a far more picturesque mode. Not only it tells, but also shows what grace of Japanese style is all about. Stark, elegant and yet undeniably striking, this embroidery motive is perfect for lovers of oriental imagery.

Few words on the composition of Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design

Just like anything in the Orient, Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design has a curious aura about it. It’s both complex and charmingly simple. Take a moment to appreciate its decorative value and take in all the little details in its composition. The image shares same minimalistic esthetics as haiku. It’s done in the warm, earthy tones. The pallet choice highlights perfectly the gracious finesse that cranes are associated with in Japan. Yes, as we said their symbolism plays a big role in the feel and the look of the motif. In the Orient cranes signify happiness, luck and longevity. Such beautiful notions can only be dressed in warm, balmy colors. Thus we opted for Madeira in Polyneon 1836 Brown Stone, 1863 Cocoa Mulch, 1927 Gold and the like. You, however, can always change the brand according to your own preferences.

Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design


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The stitching pattern of Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design, unlike the mild color pallet, is richer and far more diverse. It sets off the colors perfectly, adding to the image its liveliness and élan. The plumage is stitched with Tatami. The feathery wings are done in embossed stitches. The legs of the birds boast of a truly artful arrangement of satin. Such vibrancy of stitch patterns will make you enjoy the finished embroidery even more. So, as we touched upon the part with the finished embroidery, let’s speak about it in a more detailed way. Further share some ideas on what projects Japanese Cranes can be used in.

Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design brings symbolism of the birds to the service of fashion and interior design like no other pattern before. With three sizes available, the design makes fantastic décor to household textiles, interior attributes, garments and accessories too. Let’s see how Japanese Cranes can be placed on various items, and what effect will their oriental esthetic cause.

Uses of Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design in interior design:

1 – Wall accents. Embroider Japanese Cranes on a piece of pretty fabric. Frame it. Hang it. Boom! You have a stylish piece of art, made to order and thus truly unique. Its exquisite oriental flair will add extra finesse to interior of your home. P. S. Don’t put a glass into the frame. You don’t want to cover the diversity of the stitching pattern involved. It is after all a big part of its charm!

2 – Decorative pillows. These soft and cushy furniture attributes make fantastic interior accessories. Japanese Cranes embroidery will look good in interiors of so many styles. Be it classy Victorian, oriental or even modern loft places, a bit of Japanese accents can make all the difference. If your living room lacks character, do use throw pillows with Japanese Cranes embroidery on to daintily enrich it. In bedrooms, besides their purely decorative function, pillows with Japanese Cranes will work on the symbolic level as well. The birds, when depicted in couples, are believed to bring and protect love and happiness in the family. Isn’t it great to rest with your sweetheart knowing that two beautiful birds stand guard to your peace of mind?

3 – Interior decorative textiles, like table top covers, runners and napkins of various kinds. Looking for a perfect back-up for the exquisite chinoiserie that you love too much to get rid of? Having troubles blending antique furniture into contemporary environs? Embroider the decorative textiles with elegant Japanese Cranes and position them in the areas where they’ll catch attention. Whether you prefer keeping up to one particular decorative style (oriental in this case) or you’re fond of stylistic diversity such accents can mix well into your décor.

Uses of Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design in decoration of clothes and accessories

1 – Kimonos and various tunic-like wear. Light and airy, kimonos, robes, kaftans and tunics make fantastic canvas for Japanese Cranes embroidery. Such stylishly adorned pieces can be worn during day time for a branch with friends or for the evening parties.

2 – Jackets, bombers and vests. Take oriental trend outside with a jacket, embroidered with fine Japanese Cranes. Embroider the design on the back, front or even sides of the item. Avoid placing the pattern on sleeves to keep the draping quality up to the par.

3 – Dresses, gowns and other smart ware. Charm of Gucci’s and Valentino’s oriental collection will never go out of fashion. Have a taste of the haute-couture fads with your own takes on the lots. Be it a chic silk pajama-like pair or an exquisite evening dress, Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design can be used on all of them.

4 – Accessories: bags, like backpacks, hobos and totes can also become part of the most sought-after fashion look. Match your bag to the right size of Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design and create a trendy accessory for the next outing of yours.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 14.09.2018