Pink baroque frame Embroidery Design

Baroque is the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to the décor. Make use of this truly regal style with Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design. Rich, beautiful and unapologetically majestic, this elegant piece of embroidery makes wonders with textile of any type.

Few words on composition of Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design

The frame itself has a gorgeous, suavely transformative silhouette. With the crown at its top, this monogram frame could really highlight exclusiveness of items, it’s embroidered on. With all the intricately interwoven swirls, curls and stylized herbaceous elements, it’s not at all busy and overwhelmingly massive. The frame feels delicately refined and, with certain whim of imagination applied, whimsically romantic as well. The last sentiment makes Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design especially favorable for all wedding-related adornments and decorations. Be it a set of linens, towels or bathrobes for her and him, the regal touch will make stunning complement to the type of celebration.

Pink baroque frame Embroidery Design


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Besides beautiful stylistic structure, Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design boasts of skillfully chosen, arranged and employed types of stitching. With the exception of the inner part of the crown (featuring tatami fill stitches) satin stitch is used in the most part of the design. Classy and chic sheen of sating stitches enables Pink Baroque frame parade not only the most exquisite look but also the highly impressive texture in its finished variant. Such natural “playfulness” gives extra dramatic flair to its monochromatic shimmer. You’ll love catching glimpses of light in each tiny leaf of the opulent frame!

Having said tons on how charming Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design is, it’s time we mentioned examples of its application. With three sizes available the pattern can be widely used both in interior decoration and garments adornment too.

How to use Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design in interior decoration

A wonderful outlet for creative elaboration, this gorgeous baroque frame is a magnificent way to enrich feel of any textile item in your household. You can embroider it on following items:

1 – Baroque embroidered decorative pillows. Whether in the living room or in the bed room, few soft little gems, embroidered with such an exquisite frame will lend some of the beautiful Baroque esthetic to the general semblance. To get the most of the pattern, work Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery design in metallic threads on heavier fabrics. Velvet (both cotton and synthetic), various solid types of jacquard fabrics will host Baroque embroidery well.

2 – Bedding sets, embroidered with Pink Baroque frame and your initials will bring the air of royal splendor into your master bedroom. Work the pattern on pillow cases, throws and covers. Don’t forget to opt for rayon or polyester threads when working with bed linens too.

3 – Decorative table linens with Pink Baroque frame will make spectacular addition to any special occasion dinner. Showcase your hostess skills, style and status with place mats and decorative runners, wearing elaborate embellishment of the frame. Wondering what lettering font will better match the design? Check out our collection of Alphabet machine embroidery designs before you make your final decision.

4 – Other interior textiles which, when embroidered with Pink Baroque frame, can ennoble your home include bath towels, chair covers, valances for the windows and beds and so on. Make Baroque accents part of your rooms’ décor to instantly uplift their feel.

How to use Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design in decoration of clothes

Elegance and opulence, when presented in such a tasteful manner as in Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design, shouldn’t be limited only to interior decoration. Make the warm preciousness of this luxurious pattern add stylish shimmer to some parts of your wardrobe as well. Get your royal inspiration from the examples below:

1 – Bathrobe, embroidered with pink Baroque Frame will make you feel like a queen of your own little kingdom.  Don’t forget about your family members, when making regal bathroom accessories. Let your husband be king and kids – princes and princess with this beautiful Baroque frame embroidery. Despite having pink as part of its name, the pattern is not limited only to this precious color. That is why, when working with bathrobes for boys you can easily switch this particular hue to their favorite color.

P.S. Set of towels, cosmetics bags and various caddies, with Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design, will make perfect match to those gorgeous bathrobes.

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