Floral Emerald Machine Embroidery Designs Set

We have already presented to you a few items from our emerald collection. Today we want to offer you a magnificent set. Its two beautiful patterns in the kit. They will help you create even more original and unique projects. Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for you to decorate your house or clothes.

If you are looking for something new in machine embroidery, Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set is ideal. In its complete set you will find a corner pattern, and also an excellent frame for a monogram.

Where to use Floral embroidery designs?

With such a wonderful set, you can easily create a luxurious dining accessories. The tablecloth and napkins will be covered with precious stones and pearls. Thus, your festive meals will resemble receptions of aristocratic families.

Floral Emerald Machine Embroidery Designs Set


Size: 93.3×93.3 mm (3.67×3.67 “), Stitches: 7355
Size: 159.5×158.5 mm (6.28×6.24 “), Stitches: 16763
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, xxx

No less useful this set will be during the preparation for the wedding. To do this, change the color palette and embroider patterns with white-on-white technique. You can even add different decorative elements to the items with embroidery. Satin ribbons, laces and pearls will add even more tenderness and refinement.

Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set are also suitable for decorating clothes in folk style. By the way, such stylish clothes are very popular now. Free dresses, shirts and blouses from natural types of fabric become in this case an ideal basis for embroidery.

Machine embroidery on hemp fabric

As a variant of application of this set, we want to offer you, machine embroidery on hemp fabric. This type of fabric has many positive properties.

Hemp cloth is characterized by durability, softness and strength. It is not elastic, stable and very comfortable. All these qualities make hemp fabric an ideal basis for embroidery.

Machine embroidery on hemp fabrics does not differ much from the standard embroidery technology. Nevertheless, there are some distinctive features. They depend on the type of fabric you have chosen. Since hemp tissue can be of varying density.

In this article we will consider the main features of machine embroidery on light and soft hemp fabrics. Dresses, blouses, skirts and shirts are sewn from this fabric.

Note: In another post we will talk about machine embroidery on a thick hemp fabric. It is ideal for sewing backpacks, bags or outerwear. To not miss, follow our blog area.

So, machine embroidery on soft and thin hemp fabric requires the using of only light or medium-density designs. So the Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set will look great.

Needle is better to use #75/11 for better results. However, the usual embroidery needle will also work.

The correct choice of the stabilizer in this case is very important. For thin fabrics, a tight (or medium-density) cut-away stabilizer is usually used. Although in this case, hemp fabric does not stretch, and the design has a dense cover. This means that you can use a tear-away stabilizer.

It is also recommended to wash and dry the fabric or product before embroidering. This will prevent the influence of shrinkage of the fabric on the quality of the embroidery. Pay attention, when performing this action, it is necessary to choose the right temperature for washing.

Our Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set are a unique opportunity to decorate many elements of decor and clothes. Successful embroidery!

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Floral Emerald Machine Embroidery Designs Pack

Floral Emerald Machine Embroidery Designs Pack

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Date: 09.09.2018