Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design

Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design

The Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design looks as an ornament of gemstones. Flowers and leaflets remind a pattern of emeralds, pearls and sapphires. Not accidentally, the collection of this style’s designs is called Emerald one. We offer a series of similar floral patterns of different forms. With their help you can independently make your own unique ornaments on fabrics.

Beautiful embroideries can change a house and clothes. They give chic, warmth and bring joy to those who see them. Moreover, the embroidered products serve as a charm for owners and their dwelling. Since ancient times people believed that the house with embroidered items is protected from evil spirits. The clothes with a beautiful embroidery were always considered refined.

Nowadays, with the help of machine embroidery, you can create unique decorations to your taste. So, is it possible to miss such beautiful Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design?

Floral Emerald Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery Design

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The frame of pearl and emerald flowers can become just a beautiful embroidery on textiles. You get an original addition of a round form on a tablecloth, napkins, towels, or other things. But, one can add letters to the frame and make a personal or family monogram. In this case, the embroidery will become a family relic and a really unique one.

Except a traditional embroidery on house textiles and clothes, it is possible to find it other application. For example, you can make caskets of boxes and adorn them with Monogram Embroidery design. It can also decorate albums, pillows, towels and bed linen. The frame with letters of the bride and groom names will look perfect on wedding attributes. Even embroidered blinds for the wedding car become a memorable detail of this event. If you make the embroidery in the only white colour, it will look like a lace.

In addition, we can apply this beautiful emerald design to textile attributes on a child’s baptizing. Initials or date is embroidered in the frame. Such beautiful things will decorate a significant event and remain in family archives. Moreover, it is possible to reuse some embroidered products later. Thus, while preparing for a wedding, baptism or other holidays, don’t save on decorations, especially embroidered. This work will make the event memorable and then its fruit will serve in everyday life and bring pleasure.

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