Machine embroidery design Traditional Asian Dragon

Before you design, that at the first glance evokes associations with East Asia and in particular with China. Surely you did not know that ancient China is the origin of the embroidery art. It is believed that there on the silk fabrics began to create ornaments in the VI-V century BC. The most popular motif in this art was nature. Also the ancient masters loved to depict birds. True, only representatives of the nobility were engaged in this business.  After all, it was customary to embroider on silk fabrics, which differed in their great value and were not accessible to the common people.

Fortunately, since that time a lot has changed in this sphere. Embroidery not only spread throughout the world, but also acquired many positive qualities. Now you can create magnificent drawings without the using of silk. Moreover, we have a huge amount of materials at our disposal.

Machine embroidery design Traditional Asian Dragon


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The price has also changed for the better, and anyone can embroider these days. And the invention of machine embroidery made this process even more pleasant, because you no longer need to spend a lot of time. You can please yourself or your loved people with amazing compositions.

Machine embroidery design Traditional Asian Dragon gives you the opportunity to personally see the charms of the machine embroidery technology. This chic design will easily transform your interior and help you add the grace and elegance that glorified the ancient embroidery of Chinese masters. A noble golden color will bring to your home a note of aristocracy and sophistication.

Such a Chinese dragon embroidery design can be useful to you in many cases, because it is appropriate as an ornament for a wide variety of purposes. You can place it on any gift for an important person to you to present something completely unique. Or arrange a dragon on clothes to create an attractive and incredible image. And, of course, you should not forget about decorating your house.

An elegant Chinese dragon embroidery design will certainly look great on household items. Whether it’s a simple kitchen or bath towel, or a pillow case for a decorative pillow. Using the Machine embroidery design Traditional Asian Dragon, you will get a unique gizmo that will undoubtedly find its place in your surroundings.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 23.07.2018