Tiger head machine embroidery design

No matter how beautiful floral designs are, how stunning ornaments are staggered, sometimes they are not appropriate. You do not need something like roses, forget-me-nots, oriental patterns, or classic monograms, if you dream of creating a stylish and youthful item. In this situation, you definitely need Tiger Head Machine embroidery design.

Interestingly, this design is not only unique for its novelty and originality, but also because it was created specifically for machine embroidery on a black background. Unfortunately, many images do not fit very well on this stunning dark color, but the design with the colored tiger is just perfect for this.

Just look at this amazing composition. The muzzle of the tiger is depicted in three incredibly bright and stylish colors, each with its amazing shade. And the picture itself is created in an unusual way, forming a figure only from dashes and some other small elements. Thanks to this the design looks fresh and truly unusual.

Tiger head machine embroidery design


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Make sure of this personally by placing such a colorful embroidery on your outfit. Whether it’s a small black dress or a simple black T-shirt, your clothes will definitely acquire a fashionable look and a touch of unusual. All people will admire such a charming look, and friends can even envy the good. After all, any black thing in your wardrobe, when you place on it this stunning design, will come to life with a new riot of colors.

It is worth noting that the Tiger Head Machine embroidery design is quite versatile in its style and suitable for both men and women. If you have a friend or a loved one who follows fashion trends, then clothes with this embroidery will be just an ideal gift. It does not matter if you want to give a present, such a thing will undoubtedly please your close person.

This incredibly attractive design with a tiger will be just a brilliant solution for you, if you are constantly in search of fashionable novelties and stylish things. The fact that you yourself will create a unique outfit, to some extent turn you into a designer and give you the opportunity to show your creative origin. Your creativity will definitely give a good result and will please you, bringing you only the most positive emotions.

Some tips on how to Machine Embroider a T-Shirt:

~ That the embroidery looked original and unusually use a T-shirt of black color.
~ All T-shirts are sewn, often of elastic cotton fabric. And this means that before embroidering it is necessary to wash and dry the product.
~ For correct positioning of the design, use the printed template in full size and the air-erase pen.
~ To ensure that the embroidery does not rub the skin, carefully cut off excess threads at each stage of embroidery. Or use Cloud Cover stitch if you have sensitive skin.
~ If it’s hard for you to hoop a t-shirt, use Easy Hooping.
~ If you are not sure of a successful result, or want to be safe, you can use a thin water-soluble film as an upper stabilizer.

Now you know how to Machine Embroider a T-Shirt using the Tiger Head Machine embroidery design. We sincerely hope that our advice will be useful to you and your embroidery projects.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 06.07.2018