Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas ball - 2 sizes

On the Christmas Eve in supermarkets and stores there is a wide variety of Christmas tree toys. Among them are cute animals, cones, icicles with snowflakes and, of course, Christmas balls. The last subject has become a familiar and standard ornament for the Christmas tree, although this invention has a relatively short history.

From the history: The first Christmas balls were made in 1848 in the town of Laush in Thuringia. They were made with a transparent or colored glass and covered in glitter. These Christmas decorations became very popular with people and immediately gained popularity. In this regard, every year more and more designs of balls have been developed, more and more ideas for their design have appeared.

Although in our time there are so many variations of the decor of glass balls, fashion will never come out with a vintage style. Simplicity and elegance, nobility and charm are combined in vintage style. Such decorations are incredibly universal and have always won the people’s love.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas ball – 2 sizes


Size: 110.4×89.7 mm (4.35×3.53 “), Stitches: 20401
Size: 86.1×70.1 mm (3.39×2.76 “), Stitches: 15601

Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, vp3, .sew

It is difficult to imagine life without these elements. Over time, they became an inalienable attribute of the Christmas and one of its most important symbols. Therefore, Christmas balls are often used not only in the standard form of glass, but also as pictures on windows or embroidery.

The last option is ideal for the decoration of many household items. Using the Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas ball from our christmas machine embroidery designs, you can transform a lot of things that you did not seem Christmas at all. Thus, you can decorate the festive table by placing this embroidery on napkins or tablecloths. You can create interesting atmospheric pillows or blankets, chair covers. If desired, you can even place such a design on towels to feel the festive atmosphere always. Or just create a picture with a vintage ball and decorate walls with it.

Thanks to an interesting composition, this embroidery will become a really good decoration for your things. A bright ball with a wonderful ribbon, tied in a bow, is placed on the background of coniferous branches with a cone. This picture looks original, colorful and it conveys the true spirit of the Christmas Eve.

Separately it is worth mentioning that the Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Christmas ball can serve you and to create festive outfits. Let warm winter things not only protect your body from the cold, but also give warmth to your soul. After looking at a thing with such a charming design, any person feels joy and peace. Embroidery will look great on jumper, cardigan and even on trousers.

Be sure, this design will be a useful acquisition that will be useful to you for creating a holiday comfort. It will please every member of your family and your guests, giving them only pleasant emotions and aesthetic pleasure.

Useful ideas of using our Christmas machine embroidery designs:

A lot of our customers ask us to give unique ideas of the using of our Christmas machine embroidery designs. That is why we decided to give you a list of interesting Christmas decoration witch you can create with your own hands.

1) Christmas socks. Create “not simple red socks” with festive machine embroidery.
2) Christmas covers for chairs with unique embroidery will make the interior more festive and magnificent.
3) Christmas toilet paper. Are you surprised? Yes. It is true. However, you should use light contour designs for this purpose.
4) Christmas sweets jars. Surprise your child and love people with unique jars with tasty sweets.
5) Christmas family look. Such way of clothing now very popular. Your family will definitely like it.

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