Machine embroidery design Christian Cross with Crystal

For all Orthodox people, christening is one of the most important events in life. This rite has been highly respected since ancient times, and even today, there are many signs, rules and traditions associated with it. We regularly follow them, trying to do everything perfectly.

One of the requirements is the availability of a special towel for christenings. Now it can be easily bought at the store, but it is better to do such an important thing yourself. Especially now, in order to put your soul and sincere love into an object, you do not have to do everything from scratch. Use the Machine embroidery design Christian Cross with Crystal from our machine embroidery cross designs on the finished product. Thus, you personally will be involved in the creation of an amulet for your child. In addition, the using this pattern from our machine embroidery crosses is definitely important.

This amulet is properly called christening cover. This is a diaper, a towel or other white (preferably, but you can choose just light shades) cloth. This attribute symbolizes the purity of the soul and sinlessness. It is used after the christening to protect the child. For example, if the child is sick, then the disease will recede if it is wrapped in a canvas that was used for baptism. Usually, the godmother prepares it.

Machine embroidery design Christian Cross with Crystal


Size: 68.7×98.0 mm (2.70×3.86 “), Stitches: 8176
Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .xxx, .dat, .vp3, .jef

Use Crystal Swarovski SS48 (11.3mm)
If in your life such a joyous and serious event as christening is expected soon, if you are going to become a godmother, then be sure to pay attention to the variant of such design. Machine embroidery design Christian Cross with Crystal will help you personally transfer good energy to a child who will protect it and warmly envelop it, like a towel or diaper.

It is worth saying that this one of our machine embroidery cross designs will look attractive, which is also unimportant. The cross itself is made in an interesting style, combined with a lot of curls and monograms. In addition, thanks to the big crystal in the middle of the cross this image looks really festive, elegant and even noble.

Deformation or offset of embroidery – what and why?

Very often, after we got our embroidery design out of the embroidery frame, we observe that the embroidery has shifted or deformed. Many in this case refer to poorly created design. Have you ever wondered why such an unpleasant situation is observed?

Typically, the displacement or deformation of embroidery occurs due to technological errors when embroidering. They include:

– Non-quality fabric hooping with sagging of fabric cloth

– Using of a stabilizer that is not suitable for design or fabric

– The embroidery frame is not properly inserted into the brackets or is removed from them

– The fabric clings to any detail of the machine during embroidery

– Voltage jumps (we wrote about this problem and its solution in previous posts)

– Some foreign body interferes with the movement of the hoops during embroidery.

In order to solve this problem, find the cause of this deformation, and only then perform the actions aimed at its elimination.

P.S. See our other machine embroidery crosses to create a whole christening set.

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