Machine Embroidery Designs Japanese Collection

If you think that Japan is about sushi, anime and geishas and strolling amidst delicate cherry blossoms… well, then you’re not too far from the truth… All these cultural and natural treasures are truly abundant in the Land of Rising Sun, but there’re so much more to it than just that! Royal Present Embroidery has a long decorative history shared with the riches of this oriental land. You can see it for yourself in our designs of traditional motives like koi fish, dragons, cranes, herons and other “mythological” fauna of Japan. This spring however, we’d like to turn our forever-growing fascination of Japanese gems into the realm of the blooming beauty. Join us on this aromatic journey and discover Japan’s wonderful flora with Machine embroidery designs Japanese Collection. Sakura, bluebells and their ever present friends, delicate butterflies, will keep us company on this magical trip.

Machine Embroidery Designs Japanese Collection pays homage to Japan’s traditional art of enamel jewelry making. Exquisite refinement of this Japanese collection will bring fragrance of blossoming cherry gardens into textiles of any type. Bring Japanese spring into your home with interior accessories, embroidered with sakura blossoms and bluebells. Make them bloom on decorative pillows of your elegant living room or runners in the cozy kitchen of yours. Dainty finesse of these patterns can blend in any environs.

Machine Embroidery Designs Japanese Collection

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You can work machine embroidery designs Japanese Collection into a stunning décor for a kimono to complete your favorite party outfit. Intricate butterflies amidst delicate bluebells and cherry blossoms can up-tune even the simplest of kimonos. Use golden metallic threads for the outlines to highlight the luxurious feel of the jewelry inspired motives. If you’re set on a low-key kind of elegance, pick just one motive from this Japanese collection to star in your next decorative project.

With sakura branches, for example, you can create a gorgeous variant of the famous Blake Lively’s  cherry blossoms boyfriend jeans. When working sakura embroidery Blake Lively style, level the radiance of the golden hues with the pink ones. You don’t need them to overshadow the natural shades of the blooms. Opt for rayon threads for all of the embroidery parts.

Besides interior accentuation and decoration of clothes, machine embroidery designs Japanese Collection can be used in adornment of various accessories. And we’re talking about more than just usual handbags, clutches and scarves. With summer already upon us, we thought that beach bags, totes and sun hats also deserve them some of the exquisite Japanese embroidery. Give to your tanning time an air of an exotic, oriental style with beach accessories embroidered with Japanese collection designs.

To make such styling work, you should know how to actually apply machine embroidery designs Japanese collection onto the items in questions. As to the bags and totes, it’s pretty simple – cut away stabilizer, sharp needles and polyester threads will work for most types of beach bag fabrics. Now with the sun hats it’s a bit trickier than that. What with the hooping of the item and the right choice of the stabilizers – it might look a bit too overwhelming at first. But, if you must know, it’s just as easy to machine embroider on sun hats as on any textured fabrics. Further you can read some pretty helpful tips regarding such projects. Oh, and did we say that there’re two ways to work machine embroidery in the décor of sun hats? Read on to learn both of them!

We’ve divided the info on how to decorate straw or polyester weave sun hats with machine embroidery designs Japanese Collection into several blocks.

~ Gathering of the supplies.

~ Layout of the décor.

~ Hooping.

~ Embroidering.

Now, we’ve mentioned earlier, that there’re two ways of decorating sun hats with machine embroidery designs. One involves direct stitching onto the sun hat. The other involves turning a machine embroidery design into a patch and then gluing it onto the hat. The second method is used for parts of the hat which, for any reason, cannot be hooped or needle-punched. Some of such parts are the crown, breaks or simply too sturdy areas. Both methods require their own set of supplies (stabilizers mostly). In our informative blocks we’ll be giving both sets together, so that you’ll be able to try them all.

So, if you, ready, let’s gather the supplies. You’ll need:

~ A sun hat (made of straw, polyester or paper weave),

~ Printed and cut-out templates of machine embroidery designs Japanese collection. If you’re planning on using several designs with the same theme, make sure to number the cut-outs. Same goes for the mirrored designs. Also, don’t forget to point-out their tops.

~ Embroidery threads. For the demanding environment, that the embroidery will be exposed to, we suggest working the patterns in polyester threads. This kind of threads will keep their shine and saturated colors longer than others. You can opt for any of the good quality threads (Madeira, DMC, Gunold).

~ Embroidery needles. Size 75/11, sharp will do the job.

~ Stabilizers

For patches: transparent (clear) organza and a medium weight tear-away backing.

For direct stitching: a heavy weight water soluble backing (Sulky Solvy, Madeira Avalon etc.) and a medium weight water soluble topping (any).

~ Temporary spray adhesive (for better stabilization),

~ Permanent textile glue (for the patches),

~ Temporary textile marker,

~ Pins,

As you see, the list of supplies is pretty simple, we’re sure you’ve already had most of the lots.

Now, that you know you’ve prepared, let’s get down to the instruction:

1. Layout of the pattern on the sun hat of yours.

1.1 – Arrange the cut-out templates on the sun hat. Think if you want the pattern to flow from the brims onto the break and/or to the crown.

1.2 – Pin the cut-outs onto the hat.

1.3 – Trace the axis lines from the cut-outs to the hat. Use temporary textile marker for this job.

1.4 – Unpin the template and remove them from the hat. If there’re doubles or mirrored designs, don’t forget to mark it accordingly. Also, at this point you’ll need to mark the top of the future embroideries, so that you could center them in the hoop properly.

2. Hooping.

Follow the steps if you’re embroidering on the brims of the sun hat. Instructions for making the patch will be given after the 3rd step (The embroidering).

2.1 – Hoop the heavy weight water-soluble stabilizer.

2.2 – Draw axis lines on the hooped stabilizer.

2.3 – Spray temporary adhesive onto the hooped stabilizer and apply the to-be- embroidered are of the hat.

2.4 – Spray the temporary adhesive onto the “sandwich” and apply the medium weigh water-soluble topping.

3. Embroidering.

3.1 – Embroider as usual. After the embroidery will be finished, remove the stabilizers by gently pulling them away from the stitched area. The little bits that “persist” can be cleaned up by a wet cotton swab (Q-tip).

Now let’s turn to those designs that you want to turn into patches. Get your piece of organza and a medium weight tear away stabilizer. Load the threads, check the tension and speed of your machine and proceed with the following:

~ Apply temporary spray adhesive onto the tear-away stabilizer.

~ Smooth it onto the organza.

~ Hoop them together into the bands.

~ Embroider as usual.

~ After the embroidery is through, clean up the loose threads and cut out the pattern leaving a border of approximately 0, 5 cm.

~ Glue the embroidered organza piece onto the sun hat with the help of the textile glue.

TIP: If you want to be extra professional and fancy, before cutting the pattern, apply a bit of fray-check around the edges of the embroidery. This will add time to lifespan of your elegant patch.

Now you can enjoy summer sun without any of its burning “kisses” in a most ravishing and stylish way! Your sun hat with cherry blossoms, blue bells, butterflies and other decors of our Japanese collections will see to it! You can always expand your embroidered beachwear ensemble by including in it embroidered pareos, tote bags and other sea-loving things. Flowers from the far-away orient will make a new and an excitingly refreshing accent to your summer vibes. Make this summer unforgettably beautiful by bringing the entire collection from Mount Fuji to the beach.  With sakura flowers, chrysanthemums, peonies, acacias and other Japanese machine embroidery designs available at our on-line store Japan’s most exquisite treasures are just one click away.

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