Two Hungarian Kalocsai Folk Art Embroidery Designs

Folklore motives are very popular in the most diverse spheres of our life. Interiors of rooms, restaurants, hotels and even offices often play in bright colors of folklore. Bright colors, overflows and a variety of patterns are also popular in clothes, accessories and even shoes. Direct proof of this is the latest collections of famous fashion houses and designers. They are distinguished by an unusual, original and unique using of folklore motives.

As you know, for the first time folklore motives were used in embroidery. That is why it is difficult to imagine them separately. They are as one whole, the sun and the moon, the sky and the stars, day and night.

In order for you to feel the magic of folklore motifs and decorate your life with them, we created unforgettable and unique folklore designs for embroidery machines for you. The scope of their using is very wide. We denote its main directions:

~ Interior design in folklore style
~ Clothes decoration
~ Creation of unique ornaments
~ For decoration of restaurants, cafe and other establishments
~ For business: trade in clothes in folklore style, bags, accessories, souvenirs

Two Hungarian Kalocsai Folk art embroidery designs are a combination of two elements. You can use it both together and separately. The homeland of such folklore embroidery is the Hungarian city Kalocsai. There, this unique and unusual embroidery has existed for many centuries.

Two Hungarian Kalocsai Folk Art Embroidery Designs


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We want to present you some interesting ideas in which you can use the Hungarian Kalocsai embroidery designs.

The first idea.

An interesting variant of using the second design from this set will be the original leather bracelet in folk style. It will become a bright accessory and will certainly complement your image. To do this, it is necessary to take the smallest size that we offer to this design (3.50Ñ…1.79 Inches).

Also for creating such a bracelet, you will need:

~ Two flaps of leather
~ Fusible non-woven fabric
~ Tear-away non-adhesive stabilizer
~ Temporary spray adhesive
~ The second pattern included in the Hungarian Kalocsai embroidery designs.
~ The needle for the leather or the needle for embroidery with a metallic thread

Process description

Before embroidery, duplicate the leather with a fusible non-woven fabric. If you have thin leather, in this case, the so-called “neckline doublet” is perfect. It is very dense and when it is embroidered on thin leather, it will not tear it off.

To make such a leather bracelet you need to perform the following actions:

~ Cover the leather with a fusible non-woven fabric

~ Hoop the tear-away non-adhesive stabilizer. Spray on the top the temporary spray adhesive and glue the leather face up.

~ Load the embroidery frame into the machine; use a needle for embroidery with a metallic thread or a special needle for the leather. Reduce the embroidery speed to the minimum value and embroider the design.

~ When the machine has finished embroidering, remove the embroidery frame from the machine and unhoop the fabric. Using textile glue, attach another leather flap from the underside. Cut the fabric close to the edge on both sides, giving the bracelet the desired shape. Sew all the parts together; you can do it manually, or on a sewing machine.

~ You can process the edge of the product in several ways:

~ using overstitching machine;

~ sewing the bias tape in the color of the fabric or in the color of the embroidery;

~ stitch by hand with a thick decorative thread;

~ using the built-in options for decorative stitching, if there is a sewing machine.

We recommend decorating the edge of the product with beads. To make the bracelet even more effective, use a braid to attach it to your hand, which you can weave from the threads used to process the edge of the bracelet. Alternatively, take a narrow ribbon in the color of the beads that you decorated the bracelet.

The second idea.

As a second idea, we suggest you embroider a wonderful jacket in folklore style. To fulfill this idea, you can use only the first pattern or a set of Hungarian Kalocsai embroidery designs. The first pattern, the one that is bigger, we recommend sewing on top of the jacket; you can embroider it on both sides. The second, the one that is smaller, below, on the left and the right side.

Note: the first pattern from is provided in the archive in only one version, without a mirror copy. Therefore, if you decide to embroider it from two sides, use the design editing function and mirror the pattern.

To make the embroidery look even more luxurious, embroider it on a white jacket.

So, to embroider these magnificent Two Hungarian Kalocsai Folk art embroidery designs on the jacket you will need:

~ Jacket
~ Medium-weight cut-away stabilizer
~ Temporary spray adhesive
~ Air-erase pen for positioning the design
~ Folklore designs for embroidery machines

Process description:

Print out the paper template that we provide to each of our designs. You can find it in the archive, which you will receive immediately after payment. This template is a printed version of the design in full size with the marked lines of the axes direction and the point of the center of the embroidery.

Attach the template to the jacket and transfer the marks with an air-erase pen. Then, spray the temporary spray adhesive onto the medium-weight cut-away stabilizer.

Remember that using a temporary spray adhesive, for example Gunold KK100, you need to follow certain rules.

Firstly, before using, shake the can.

Secondly, do not spray the glue close to the embroidery machine. This can damage some parts, or disrupt their work.

Thirdly, carefully read the instruction, where it is indicated at what distance it is necessary to spray the glue.

Fourth, spray the glue only on the stabilizer.

In addition, fifthly, after spraying, wait a few seconds to glue the fabric.

Attach the jacket on the top. Hoop it together, checking that the marks on the embroidery frame coincide with the marks on the fabric. Use the clips to roll the rest of the jacket fabric. This is done so that excess fabric does not fall under the needle during embroidery. Load the embroidery frame into the machine so that the needle is above the embroidery center you have marked and lower the presser foot. Embroider the design.

To embroider the same design from the other side, mirror it with the editing function and do the same as for embroidery the first pattern.

Now find the printed version of the second design and print it. Attach the printout to the bottom of the jacket and move the marked lines of the axes direction and the center point.

Spray the glue of a temporary fixation and attach the jacket on top. Hoop the jacket with the stabilizer, then fold the excess fabric and roll it with clips. Place the embroidery frame in the machine so that the needle is in the center you marked and embroider the design.

In the same way, embroider a pattern on the other side. A gorgeous jacket is ready. To make it more luxurious, and to emphasize the embroidery in the folk motif, you can sew interesting and unusual buttons of bright color.

We hope that our Hungarian Kalocsai embroidery designs will not only please you, but inspire you to create something new and interesting for you and your closely related people.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 04.05.2018