Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with grapes

When it comes to baptisms and christenings of children, decoration is something that is worth thinking about very carefully. As baptisms are highly revered celebrations, everything about them should be permeated with godly spirit. Decorations, embellishment of functional attributes – everything should bear relevant to the moment meaning. In deep respect of sacredness of such holy ceremonies, Royal Present Embroidery presents Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes. Inspired by the holy words “I’m the vine”, this design brings forth the most eminent symbols of Christ, the Cross and the Grapevine. Welcome a new little member of your Christian community with divine blessings of the holy vine.

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes will make lovely addition to any baptism or christening. “Dressed” in wonderful sparkle of gold, the pattern has a delicate, yet distinct tridimensional depth. If you want you can personalize the color-palette for to-be-baptized baby-boys or baby-girls and make it correspondingly blue or pink. Another option is to keep it all classy and pure, opting for white embroidery floss. Worthy of bedecking any heirloom item this wonderful piece of embroidery jewel, would look especially well on receiving blankets and baptism towels. Working on projects involving creation or customization of baptism towels has its fine points. With our help, however, you’ll be able to overcome even the finest of them. Further you’ll find some helpful tips on the topic, as well as a step-by-step instruction for turning a regular towel into a gorgeous baptism towel.

About baptism towels and their décor in general

Both baptism towels and receiving blankets could be called liturgical attributes as they are used during the ceremony of baptism. Due to their functional nature, require special attention when both creating and decorating. The material, which they are made of, should be soft, super absorbent and fine looking too. Cotton, linen or terry cloth towels are best for the job.

Tip: Choose the material for your baptismal project according to the weather. If the baptism will be held during cold months, then light cotton or linen fabrics might not provide the needed comfort for the baby. Terry cloth, however, due to its luscious look, cozy feel and functionality, can be used throughout the year. Terrycloth baptismal towels are beautiful and versatile attributes, which can imbue both luxury and style when decorated properly. For this reason, we’ll base our step-by-step instruction on a terrycloth towel.

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with grapes


Size: 90.2×165.0 mm (3.55×6.50 “), Stitches: 10344
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, art

The décor of baptism towels should be “soft”, just like the fabric. Otherwise it might “scratch” gentle baby skin or cause other unwanted inconvenience. For this reason designers of our site made it their purpose to compose a pattern, which would not interfere with even the softest of the fabrics. Thus, elegant and light, Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes is all about clean airy open-work, with just one single solid-fill area, the cross.

So, now, that you’ve get acquainted with the theme and the decorative role of Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes, it’s time we employed the knowledge in action. We’re talking about personalization or customizing of a regular towel into a lovely baptismal one. Let’s start with gathering your supplies for the baptism towel project. You’ll need:

~ A terrycloth towel. Opt for a cotton terrycloth towel as it’ll need to absorb water quickly. Size of the towel should be quite large (a bath towel). You should be able to wrap the baby in it. The nap of the towel should be about 5 mm. and its weight – 450-500 GMS. We give these parameters not so much for the embroidery but for the baby comfort and convenience. Believe us, after emerging into the water of the font, you’ll want your baby to have as much comfort as possible. As to the design, we’ll be using a particular set of stabilizers, so it’ll be a breeze to work with any type of terrycloth.

~ Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes and its printed template

~ The project requires a set of a water-soluble backing and toping (Madeira Avalon, Gunold Solvy 20). As the back of the embroidery on the baptism towel should look equally presentable, you need to work with stabilizers which leave no mess. For the backing you can use any water-soluble stabilizer, be it a film or a paper/fabric type. A tear-away backing could be used as a backing, but you risk leaving small bits of it after the embroidery will be through. If you know for sure, that you’ll be able to remove it completely, feel free to use tear-away.

~ With perfect amount of stitches for the size of a pattern and just three colors in use, you won’t have any problems with picking your threads. If usually you’ve been embroidering towels with polyester to keep the pattern shiny and colorful through numerous washes, with baptism towels you can change the tactics. Such heirloom items are not frequently washed, so colors are not usually an issue. So, if you want to, you can opt for rayon threads for this particular project.

Tip: To make the back of the embroidery be as presentable as its front, match bobbin threads with the needle ones.

~ Size – 75/11, type H-E. We don’t recommend sharp needles as they will cut the fabric.

~ Fabric pen, scissors.

Now that you have everything that you need, let’s make our embroidered baptism towel.


1 – Design placement. Decide where on the towel do you want to position Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes. As the pattern boast of a really agreeable shape, it could be applied in quite a lot of variations. On border, in the center of a towel, at its corner (of you’re working with a square towel) – any placement can do.

Tip: When looking for a perfect placement, consider how the design will look when the towel will be wrapped around the baby. Generally borders and corners are the ones that are seen and thus appreciated.

2 – Mark the axes lines and the center.  For extra convenience while finding the perfect placement, use printed template of the design. A template has indications for axes lines which are helpful when making centering marks on the fabric. No more difficult measuring techniques and calculations. Just trace the marks of the template onto the fabric and hoop according to them.

3 – Hoop the fabric. You’ll be hooping the towel together with the backing. Whether to hoop the toping or not is up to you. Most embroiders pin or baste the film topping onto the hooped fabric. You can also use temporary spray adhesive to attach the toping to the fabric. If you decide on the spray, use it very sparingly as the film is soluble and might dissolve if you overdo with the moister.

If the terrycloth is too thick to be hooped, hoop only the backing and attach the terrycloth towel onto it. You can use pins or temporary spray adhesive for the cause.

4 – Embroider as usual.

5 – After the embroidery is done, remove the excess stabilizers and cut the loose threads. Water-soluble stabilizers are easily torn from the embroidery. However, you’ll need to press your finger on the stitching (protecting it from the pull), while tearing away the film. Should there remain small bits, which you can’t remove easily, you can damp them with a wet q-tip (cotton swab). Otherwise just wash the baptism towel to remove all the bits completely.

To add an elegant finish touch to the embroidered baptism towel, make a gift bag or an envelope with the matching embroidery on. As baptism towel are usually kept as heirloom memento, such smartly adorned bags would be much appreciated. For the décor of the gift bag you can go with Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes or with similar to it in style Grapes Machine Embroidery Design with Cross.

Besides baptism towels, Machine Embroidery Design Gold Cross with Grapes can adorn burp cloths, baby body suits, baptismal bibs and other liturgical accessories and keepsake items. When decorated in such an elegant way the items, besides their main faction, could be used as favors or presents on baptisms and christenings

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 21.04.2018