Peacock feather buttonholes Embroidery Designs

If you finally decided to achieve perfection in creating your original and unusual image, pay attention to the buttonholes. It would seem that they are quite ordinary, inconspicuous and that you will not create nothing. However, in fact, the design of buttonholes can be very diverse.

Simply, often, we do not pay attention to them, and do not even guess how they can transform the product. With the collection of designs for buttonholes from Royal Present, you can transform the wardrobe and give your image a refinement, charm and luxury.

As many great couturiers and designers say, the look you choose should be flawless in everything and have their logical conclusion in the smallest, seemingly inconspicuous details. We can include buttonholes to the list of these small details.

Peacock feather buttonholes Embroidery Designs will be the perfect complement to your wardrobe. These designs is a set of three options for decorating buttonholes. Each of them is magnificent in its own way. You can embroider the same design on all slits of the product, or you can combine, and, for example, embroider buttonholes on the product itself with one design, and on the sleeves – with others. As you understand, the result depends only on you.

Peacock feather buttonholes Embroidery Designs

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How to embroider such beautiful buttonholes? Now we will answer this question.

To embroider Peacock feather buttonholes Embroidery Designs you will need:

~ The product, in this case we have a silk blouse
~ Medium-weight cut-away stabilizer
~ Fabric-glue stick
~ Water-Soluble Stabilizer
~ This or another machine embroidery buttonholes  design
~ Ruler
~ Pins
~ Fantasy and the mood to “create”

Assume that we have all these components; now let’s move on to embroidery. The embroidery technique of buttonholes is not so complicated. Moreover, figuring out once, you can then embroider any design from this collection.

Today we will tell you how to embroider such designs on a silk base. In this case, we will have a black-colored silk blouse. Well then, let us start.

Description of the embroidery process:

Before embroidering, test the design on the basis you have chosen, for example, on a shred of the same fabric. Only then, embroider on the finished product.

At the beginning, you need to determine the place where you embroider buttonholes and buttons itself. In order to mark it accurately and arrange all the buttonholes at the same distance from each other and the edge of the product, use a ruler and a printed design template. Often, sites that sell machine embroidery designs do not provide such templates, and customers have to do it themselves with the help of special programs. We care about our customers, and respect their work. Therefore, we provide the template design in full size in the information file. In addition, you just have to find it and print it.

Print as many copies of the template as you have buttonholes. Attach them to the product, and mark the center of the embroidery for each of them. Remember that on women’s clothing buttonholes should be on the right side, for men – on the left. Just note the vertical line, which should correspond to the distance of the side edge of the buttonhole from the edge of the product (usually 1/6- 1/3 Inc.).

Go to the embroidery of the first buttonhole with machine embroidery buttonholes design. Take the required amount of cut-away stabilizer of medium density. Spray the fabric-glue stick on it and after waiting a few seconds attach the fabric. Since we have a delicate fabric (silk), it is necessary to put a water-soluble stabilizer on top, and only then to hoop this “sandwich”. If you embroider on a tight, non-elastic base, for example a coat, only cut-away stabilizer will be enough.

Put the hoop in the machine. Roll the remaining fabric of the product in such a way that it does not fall under the needle during the embroidery process. Embroider the design.

Then unhoop the fabric and remove excess stabilizer residues. The final step will be making cuts for buttons.  Not to make it bigger, use the common pins. Pin the pins along the edges of the future buttonholes.

Repeat all these steps to embroider each buttonhole of the product.

The product, and in our case a magnificent black blouse with luxurious machine embroidery buttonholes is ready. Peacock feather buttonholes Embroidery Design is ideal for a delicate and thin silk blouse.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 05.04.2018