Machine Embroidery Design Vintage design element – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage design element - 3 sizes

The machine embroidery design Vintage design element will be suitable for refined interiors. The textile embroidery with the element reminding the crown of an antique colon will ideally add the design’s style. Such dressing is relevant for styles: Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire style, and Renaissance. Rooms in these styles, naturally, will demand the corresponding fabrics, furniture accessories, magnificent decors.

The most difficult element of these designs is the selection of corresponding furniture. If the upholstery of furniture is very bright, then it is possible to calm it by monophonic curtains or pillows. The machine embroidery design Vintage design element – 3 sizes will be very suitable for such work. Firstly, its reserved, strict and refined manner precisely corresponds to the style. Secondly, the graphic picture can easily change its colour and provide smooth transition of interior elements. Thirdly, the size range allows to fill and connect correctly together big and small textile forms.

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage design element – 3 sizes


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At the same time, if your interior is not in refined classical style, this embroidery makes it more distinguished. Curtains, pillows and cloths with vintage curls will change the room at once. The graphic embroidery manner will also suit ethnic styles. Especially if to consider it as a vegetable pattern, as this decor initially is. The embroidery in a modern interior will be not less interesting, emphasizing transition and connection of the past and the present.

Playing on contrasts is always advantageous and helps to emphasize each detail. We advise to use the same approach to colour of the embroidery. In a reserved interior it’s better to select bright or golden threads which will give the right accents on the basis. If the room is richly filled with colours and expensive carved furniture, then fabric bases have to be more strict. The elegant Vintage embroidered element will become an exquisite trait of the designer. Three sizes of the decor will allow to make large single fragments or several symmetric ones.

They have to be placed very precisely, so the clearness of lines and their arrangement are in harmony. The adornment can be horizontal, on perimeter or even in the turned side. The most effective will be a border of separate elements. In turn, they can adjoin densely to each other or be repeated at a certain distance.

Finishing by the embroidery vintage element will be ideal for restaurants, hotels and offices.

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