Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers and butterflies – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers and butterflies - 2 sizes
Colorful Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers and butterflies is a great option for decorating summer clothes. It can transform a simple t-shirt, blouse or dress into an original and stylish outfit that should be in every sharp dresser’s wardrobe. This symmetric pattern will look most successfully on the chest. Thus it will create the impression of a V-neckline, suitable for any type of face and figure.

The forefront of the design belongs to a large sunflower, which sets the tone for the whole composition. Sunflower is recognized as a solar symbol, revered by the ancient civilizations of America. The Indians identified the flower with the Sun and its corresponding deity, therefore, considered the plant sacred. From the American continent it came to Europe and then spread almost all over the planet.

Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers and butterflies – 2 sizes


In European culture the sunflowers represent the feeling of gratitude. They got their beauty from the Sun, and as a token of deep appreciation always follow him. During the day these giants turn their inflorescences to the warming rays, not wasting a minute in the shade. Sturdy sunflower also symbolizes determination and strength of will. In the East, particularly in China, it embodies the energy of life and longevity.

Note how awesome Sunflowers and butterflies look on a white background. The contrast pattern not only complements the entire look, but also turns out to be its key element. Such decoration is meant to attract admiring glances. It will definitely distinguish you from the crowd of people in drab and boring clothing. In addition, it’ll tell others about your good mood and positive attitude to life. Be sure that the sundress or blouse adorned with so noticeable embroidery will become your favourite summer outfit!

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